Oregon State Bar Bulletin — DECEMBER 2010


Two Anniversaries,
One Challenge

Legal Aid Funding
Sources are Pinched at
a Time of Great Need

By Cliff Collins

The "R" Word
Senior Lawyers Find
That Work Continues to
Fulfill Well Beyond
Retirement Age

By Melody Finnemore


Bar Counsel
Multidisciplinary practice: When Wearing Two Hats May Get You Burned
By Helen Hierschbiel

The Legal Writer
Back to Basics:
Subjects, Verbs, Complete Sentences and Active Voice

By Suzanne E. Rowe

Thumbs up: Lexis Unveils Flat-Rate Research Tool for Small Firms
By Robert J. Ambrogi

Profiles in the Law
Team Player:
Sylvia Stevens Takes the Helm

By Melody Finnemore

Law & Life
Gnu Juris Penguinus
By Steven A. Reisler & Elaine Y.L. Tsiang

Managing Your Practice
A Stampede:
The Virtual Law Office

By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek

Legal Practice Tips
Judge-friendly Briefs:
12 Easy Steps

By Michael A. Greene

Parting Thoughts
The Best Fee I Ever Earned
By Ronald Talney




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Bar People
Among Ourselves
In Memoriam


This year marks the 75th anniversary of legal aid in Oregon and the 20th anniversary of the Campaign for Equal Justice — milestones events that are tempered by a distressed economy, high unemployment and near-record poverty rates. As the recession continues to exact its toll, the need for services continues to go up, while the amount of money available to supply those needs has fallen,
as Cliff Collins reports.