State Professional Responsibility Board

The State Professional Responsibility Board (SPRB) oversees the Bar’s investigative process, working with Disciplinary Counsel’s Office and Local Professional Responsibility Committees to evaluate complaints of ethical misconduct. The SPRB also acts like a grand jury in the lawyer discipline process, reviewing investigative results and, where warranted, authorizing formal disciplinary charges against lawyers. Those charges are then set for trial before panels of the Disciplinary Board. The SPRB has ten members, eight lawyers from geographic regions around the state and two public members. SPRB members serve four-year terms and may not be reappointed.

State Professional Responsibility Board Members

Mr. Auerbach, Harry Michael    Chairperson
Mr. Hwang, Jinoo     Member
Mr. Rowan, Matthew Alan    Member
Ms. Walchli, Lauren E    Member
Mr. Ross, Joshua L    Member
Ms. Snow, Shannon     Member
Ms. Burgess, Megan K    Member
Ms. Baker, Kathleen M    Member
Mr. Peterson, Curtis     BOG Contact
Orf, Andrew     Public Member
Erwin, Lillian     Public Member