Performance Standards

Principles and Standards for Counsel in Criminal, Delinquency, Dependency, and Civil Commitment Cases

In September 1996, the Oregon State Bar Board of Governors approved the Principles and Standards for Counsel in Criminal, Deliniquency, Dependency and Commitment Cases. These standards were most recently updated in 2014, when the Board accepted significant revisions to the Specific Standards for Representation in Criminal and Juvenile Delinquency Cases and in Juvenile Dependency Cases respectively.

Principles and Standards for Post-Conviction Relief Practitioners

In 2007, the Board of Governors created a task force on post-conviction relief proceedings to identify and draft performance standards for counsel for petitioners in state post-conviction relief proceedings. The task force met throughout 2008, and created the first set of post-conviction relief standards in Oregon. These were approved by the Board of Governors at the February 2009 meeting.

Archived Performance Standards Documents

Outdated documents are available here.