MCLE Deadlines in April and May:

If this is your reporting year, the deadline to complete all MCLE credits is April 30 and the deadline to submit your MCLE report is May 31. Please see the below for more information on specific topics.


MCLE Rule 4.6 requires sponsors to report attendance to OSB within 30 days of the attorney's completion of the program. You must report attendance using one of the two methods indicated in the document below.

Minimum Continuing Legal Education

Request a Comity Certificate

MCLE Reporting Requirements

If you have any MCLE questions, please contact us at

OSB members must complete 45 MCLE credits in each 3-year reporting period. Special requirements apply to newly admitted and reinstated members. All MCLE credits must be completed by midnight on April 30 of the last year of a member's reporting period. A member's compliance report is due on or before May 31 of that year.

There are requirements for the type of credit you must earn, based on your reporting cycle. In addition to general MCLE credits, depending on the reporting period, members may be required to complete ethics, practical skills, access to justice, abuse reporting, and mental health/substance abuse reporting MCLE credits. For more information about credit requirements, see MCLE Rule 3.2 and Regulation 3.300(d), or login to your Member Dashboard to see which credit types you will need for your next reporting cycle.

There are three categories of MCLE credits, which are outlined in the table below. Categories 2 and 3 are capped, which means that members may only earn a limited number of MCLE credits from those categories toward their overall MCLE requirement.

The below summary of Categories and their credit caps includes quick links to the relevant portions of the MCLE rules.

Category 1 – MCLE Rules 5.1 - 5.5

Unlimited credits per reporting period

Category 2 – MCLE Rules 5.6-5.11

Up to 20 credits per 3 year reporting period
Up to 10 credits per short reporting period

Category 3 – MCLE Rule 5.12

Up to 6 credits per 3 year reporting period
Up to 3 credits per short reporting period

Remember, the MCLE Reporting tab on your Member Dashboard will always have up-to-date information on the number and types of credit you need, as well as a list of credits that have been recorded for the current reporting period.

Note: If you reach the maximum number of credits for Category 2 and Category 3 in a reporting period, you will be unable to add additional activities for those categories.

If you have questions about the amended MCLE Rules/Regulations, please contact or (503) 431-6368 or toll-free at (800) 452-8260, ext. 368.