Diversity & Inclusion

Cohort II
September 2022- May 2023

What is the OSB Leadership Institute?

The Institute is an opportunity for hard working and skilled attorneys from diverse backgrounds with three to nine years of practice (suggested) to develop and refine practical leadership skills and cultivate confidence and resiliency while developing an invaluable network with their peers. The Leadership Institute will also serve the legal profession and the Oregon community by increasing awareness of community service opportunities throughout the state.

What are the goals of the Leadership Institute?
  1. Cultivate personal development, confidence, and resiliency.
  2. Enhance practical leadership skills.
  3. Serve the legal profession and the Oregon community by increasing awareness regarding ethical, professional, and community service opportunities.

Questions regarding the Leadership Institute may be sent to JB Kim, OSB Director of Diversity & Inclusion (jbkim@osbar.org) or Karen Lee, OSB Chief Equity & Professional Development Officer (klee@osbar.org).

Our thanks and appreciation to Troutman Pepper and Lane Powell for
their Three Sisters sponsorship of the 2021-2022 Leadership Institute.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Department Programs

The D&I Department administers a number of programs to support its mission, the flagship program for law students being the Opportunites for Law in Oregon (OLIO) Program.

OLIO is a fundamental tool for recruiting and retaining diverse legal talent in Oregon and increasing the diversity of the Oregon State Bar. OLIO fosters an engaged, supportive and inclusive legal community necessary to advance our legal profession and improve legal services to an increasingly diverse population, clients and customers, locally and globally.

The following video provides a window into the OLIO program and its benefits, in the participants' own words:

Opportunities for Law in Oregon (OLIO) is the Oregon State Bar's recruitment and retention program for law students who can contribute to the bar's historically or currently underrepresented membership; who have experienced economic, social, or other barriers; who have a demonstrated interest in increasing access to justice; or who have personally experienced discrimination or oppression.

This diversity and inclusion program begins with an orientation that provides a diverse group of first-year law students at Oregon's three law schools. with the opportunity to interact with each other, and with upper division students, judges and leaders who will serve as their mentors and role models. During orientation, students meet a diverse community of supporters committed to helping them succeed. The curriculum focuses on sharpening existing skills and providing new skills to help ensure success in law school and beyond.

OLIO participants also have opportunities to reconnect throughout the year at several OLIO events. More information about OLIO and other D&I programs.

Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (ACDI)

The Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee serves as a key resource to assist the OSB in advancing diversity and inclusion in all the bar's mission areas, programs and activities. This committee of 21 volunteer attorneys, one OSB liaison, one Board of Governor's Contact and two public members is a critical part of the Diversity & Inclusion Department.

ACDI Committee Roster

Ms. Martinez, Melina     Chairperson
Ms. Wadia, Yazmin     Member
Ms. Foroshani, Sara     Member
Ms. Parsons, Kirsten L    Member
Ms. Meisner, Anastasia Yu    Member
Hon. Powers, Steven R    Member
Ms. Husted, Amanda Summer    Member
Ms. DeLuca, Angela L    Member
Mx. Johnson-Roberts, Mark     Member
Dr. Rosilez, Anthony J    Member
Mr. Tyner, Michael J    Member
Mr. Dobbins, Kirk L    Member
Mr. Muro, Christian R    Member
Mr. Ta, Wilson     Member
Ms. Aggarwal, Juhi S    Member
Ms. Alverson, Carlotta O    ONLD Liaison
Mr. Hernandez, Tomas     BOG Contact
Ms. Kim, Janna Beth M    Bar Liaison
Ms. Zirschky, Alexandra     Advisory Member
Valderrama, Rosa     Public Member
Peraza, Hiroko Ries    Public Member
Mr. Welch, Bryan R    OAAP Liaison
Heusel, Jen     Advisory Member

Diversity & Inclusion Staff

JB Kim - she/her
Director of Diversity & Inclusion
phone: (503) 431-6337

Suraya Barbee - she/her
Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
phone: (503) 431-6338
fax: (503) 598-6999

Leigh Quenton - she/her
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
phone: (503) 431-6335
fax: (503) 598-6999

Oregon Law Schools

Lewis & Clark Law School

Willamette University College of Law

University of Oregon School of Law

Thinking About Becoming an Attorney?

The following links are resources that may assist you as you begin to explore a career in the legal profession.

Council on Legal Education Opportunities

College Resource Network - Scholarship Search Engine

For People of Color – Empowering People of Color to Enter Law School and Become Attorneys

For People of Color - Guide to Law School Application Process

Tips from the American Bar Association (ABA) on Preparing for Law School

Law School Admission Council (LSAC)

Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) Dates

Oregon Law School Admissions Offices:

Lewis & Clark Law School

University of Oregon School of Law

Willamette University College of Law

Affinity Bars

Northwest Indian Bar Association (NIBA)

NIBA's Mission Statement:
The Northwest Indian Bar Association is a non-profit organization of attorneys, judges and Indian law practitioners in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. NIBA aspires to improve the legal and political landscape for Pacific Northwest Indian communities. NIBA's purposes and goals are:

  • To represent and foster the education and welfare of Native American attorneys, paralegals and tribal court personnel across the Pacific Northwest;

  • To provide role models and mentors in the legal profession for Indian people, particularly Native American youth and law students; and

  • To encourage and promote pro bono legal work and civic involvement that benefits Indian people on reservations and in urban areas throughout the Pacific Northwest.

OAPABA - Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association

OAPABA's Mission Statement:
Advancement: To promote the professional development and advancement of APA attorneys through education, research and programs.
Advocacy: To act as a vehicle and forum for expressing opinions on matters of concern to APA attorneys and our communities.
Communication: To encourage and foster communication among APA attorneys on issues affecting our work, communities and government.

OCLA - Oregon Chinese Lawyers Association

The OCLA is a directory of Chinese-speaking lawyers in Oregon. The Oregon Chinese Lawyers Association helps identify lawyers in Oregon who speak Chinese, to better provide legal services to Oregon's Chinese-speaking community. Lawyers who speak Chinese are relatively uncommon in Oregon. The OCLA was formed to identify Chinese-speaking lawyers in the state, to help connect Chinese-speaking lawyers in different practice areas with the Chinese-speaking clients who need their services. If you are a lawyer who speaks Chinese, OCLA would love to hear from you. Membership in OCLA is free. To become a member, please contact Emery Wang.

OC-NBA – Oregon Chapter of National Bar Association

The OC-NBA is Oregon's bar association for Black attorneys. For more information, please contact ocnbapresident@gmail.com.

The objectives of the OC-NBA are to:

  • Advance the Rule of Law[1] to ensure access to justice;
  • Uphold the honor and integrity of the legal profession;
  • Preserve the independence of the judiciary;
  • Promote professional and social engagement opportunities among Black[2] lawyers, law students, members of the Bar, and the Oregon community; and
  • Protect civil and political rights and seek to improve the social and economic condition of Black people and their allies.

[1] Definition of Rule of Law: https://worldjusticeproject.org/about-us/overview/what-rule-law
[2] OC-NBA is using “Black” inclusively. This includes individuals who identify themselves as Black, African American, or individuals of African descent.

OFALA – Oregon Filipino American Lawyers Association

OFALA is the Oregon Filipino American Lawyers Association, formed to serve the Filipino American legal community in Oregon. They are a professional association of Filipino American judges, lawyers, law students and legal professionals, and supporters. They work together to share and validate their experiences as Filipino American legal professionals, increase the visibility of Filipino American legal professionals and their accomplishments, promote equality and multiculturalism by increasing diversity within the Oregon State Bar and within the broader legal system, empower Oregon's Filipino American community by increasing its access to the legal system, cultivate relationships between the Oregon Filipino American Lawyers Association and other Filipino American organizations, and, last but not least, celebrate Filipino American culture and heritage. OFALA is an affiliate of the National Filipino American Lawyers Association (NFALA) and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA).

OGALLA – The LGBT Bar Association of Oregon

OGALLA, the LGBT Bar Association of Oregon, is an association of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lawyers, judges, legal workers, law students, and others who support the association's purposes. Founded in January of 1991, OGALLA was created as a statewide organization to support the needs of sexual minorities and gender non-conforming people in the legal profession. OGALLA has nearly 150 members, and is associated with the National LGBT Bar, an affiliate of the American Bar Association.

OHBA – Oregon Hispanic Bar Association

The Oregon Hispanic Bar Association (OHBA) was founded in 2002 to improve the conditions for lawyers of Hispanic and Latin heritage in Oregon. One of the oldest affinity bars, OHBA encourages Latinx individuals to become attorneys; collaborates with other organizations to retain Latinx legal professionals; raises awareness of Latinx legal issues; supports Latinx law students and legal professionals; and celebrates the achievement of Latinx legal professionals.

OHBA has a rich history of creating and supporting programs and scholarships to achieve its mission, including an annual $1,000 scholarship to support Oregon Latinx high school students interested in pursuing legal careers; three scholarships to Latinx students from Oregon's law schools to attend the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) Annual Convention and to compete in the HNBA's national moot court competition; the Evening With series designed to profile Latinx leaders; and its Annual Awards Dinner. OHBA also hosts numerous continuing legal education panels and networking events designed to highlight prominent Latinx attorneys and others in the legal profession.

OMLA – Oregon Minority Lawyers Association

Founded in 1991, OMLA sponsors numerous activities and programs each year, including:

  • Networking and Social events in Portland, Salem, Eugene and Bend.
  • Fundraising for their Bar Exam Preparation Scholarship.
  • Scholarship Administration for the Angel Lopez Scholarship, Business Law Section Scholarship and Litigation Section Scholarships.
  • Quarterly Luncheons on issues of interest to their membership. Past speakers have included the Governor of Oregon, Supreme Court Justices, and many prominent minority attorneys.
  • Participation in statewide committees and task forces including the Oregon Supreme Court Task force on Racial and Ethnic issues in the Judicial System and the OSB Diversity section.
  • Amicus Curiae briefs filed on issues such as Interpreters in the Courtroom and same sex marriages.
  • Sponsorship of Legal Education Programs including the Oregon State Bar Diversity & Inclusion Department's Opportunities for Law in Oregon, Oregon Hate Crimes Conference (2000), Convocation on Equality (2001), Attorney Recruitment and Retention (2001), ABA National Conference of the Minority Lawyer (2003-2005).
  • A monthly electronic newsletter with a distribution of over 700 attorneys. The e-newsletter contains information about upcoming OMLA sponsored events, events of interest to the community, as well as job opportunities and announcements.

OWLS – Oregon Women Lawyers

The mission of Oregon Women Lawyers is to transform the practice of law and ensure justice and equality by advancing women and minorities in the legal profession.

The principal purposes of Oregon Women Lawyers are:

  • To promote equal rights and opportunities for women and minorities within the legal profession and the justice system
  • To promote full participation of women and minorities in the organized bar and in the legislative and judicial branches of government.
  • To provide opportunities for women and minorities in the legal profession to support and educate one another
  • To improve the quality and image of the legal profession in Oregon
  • To actively promote equality and fair treatment of all people within the legal profession and in society.

SABA Oregon – South Asian Bar Association Oregon Chapter

The South Asian Bar Association of North America is the umbrella organization for all SABA chapters and South Asian legal professionals throughout North America. SABA chapters seek to strengthen the rapidly growing South Asian legal community with a recognized and trusted forum for professional growth and advancement, and promote the civil rights and access to justice for the South Asian community.

Our goals and objectives at SABA OR are:

  • Professional Growth: To provide our members with mentorship, a network and development opportunities for individual law students and attorneys.
  • To promote full participation of women and minorities in the organized bar and in the legislative and judicial branches of government.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: To promote diversity and inclusion efforts that ensure equal participation in the legal profession and greater representation in the judiciary.
  • Civil Rights: To combat efforts to limit and marginalize the South Asian and immigrant communities.
  • Access to Justice: To educate the South Asian community by providing legal information and access to a network of pro bono services.

Affinity Sections

OSB Disability Law

OSB Diversity Section

OSB Indian Law

External Scholarship Opportunities for Law Students

Office of Student Access and Completion

Other Diversity Resources

2011 Oregon Legislative Report on Racial Equity

Coalition of Communities of Color

Is Race Real?

Race – Are We So Different?

Race – The Power of an Illusion

Racial Disparities in Multnomah County report

Report of the Oregon Supreme Court Task Force on Racial/Ethnic Issues in the Judicial System May 1994

Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable

Washington University - Women in Law

Job Resources

OSB Job Board