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2015 Oregon State Bar Award Nominations

The nomination deadline for the 2015 OSB awards honoring Oregonís most outstanding lawyers and judges has passed. Award winners will be announced at a later date.

2015 50-Year Member Recognition

Honoring the Class of 1965

W. David Alderson, Robert L. Allen, Russell M. Allen, John Bassett, Richard A. Bromley, Barry P. Caplan, Alfred Wayne Carter, William G. Carter, Robert B. Conklin, Darrell L. Cornelius, Robert L. Cowling, Alan R. Crockett, John W. DeBruyn, James W. Durham, Howard M. Feuerstein, Gordon B. Fields, Theodore J. Gooding, Stuart Hall, Timothy J. Harold, Robert A. Harvie, John R. Hassen, David C. Haugeberg, Thomas L. Hemingway, Hon. Bryan T. Hodges, John H. Holmes, Robert E. Joseph, Daniel F. Kellington, Charles R.B. Kirk, E. Scott Lawlor, Donald P. Lawton, Robert A. Lucas, James A. McClaskey, James T. Marquoit, Dexter E. Martin, Douglas L. Melevin, Albert L. Menashe, Richard Noble, James W. O'Leary, Hon. Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain, Eugene L. Parker, Lou Parker, G. William Paulson, W. W. Peery, James A. Perry, Richard Quigley, Charles C. Saverude, R. Conrad Schultz, Jr., Charles T. Smith, Hon. William C. Snouffer, Gary R. Stark, Thomas M. Triplett, John A. Tujo, Stanley E. Weber, O. Meredith Wilson, Jr., George Wittemyer, Rufus C. Young, Jr.,

Ticket cost is $25 per person.

Members can register online here, To register or for additional information about this event, please contact Leone Gholston, (503) 431-6348 or events@osbar.org.

50-Year Member Recognition Event Honoring the Class of 1965

Members of the Oregon State Barís Class of 1965 marked their 50th year of membership with a celebration at the Tualatin Country Club on March 20, 2015. Twenty-five class members along with family, friends and the Board of Governors attended the luncheon in their honor. See more and download photos here

1965 Class Photo