BarBooks™ Frequently Asked Questions

The Help & FAQ page for BarBooks™ is a work in progress. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email and we will help you out, and probably add your question and the answer to the Help FAQ page.

How do I search?

You can search all books in the library, or just selected books, by using the search feature as follows:

  • Click on "Search" in the navigation bar under the OSB Legal Publications logo or on "Search Books" from the BarBooks™ home page.
  • Select the books you want to search, or click the "Select All" button at the top of the book list.
  • Select "all words" or "any words" depending on whether you want to limit your search to documents containing all words in your search criteri
  • Select the number of results you want listed on each search results page.
  • Enter your key word search criteria using basic Boolean parameters:
  • Search examples

    apple pie and pear
    apple pie or pear
    apple pie w/5 pear
    apple not w/12 pear
    apple and not pear
    wildcard w/5 match*
    variable:4 and weights:7

  • Click "Submit Search."
  • When viewing the search results page or an individual section, perform a new search by clicking "Search". To modify your previous search, click on "Edit your previous Search" on the search form and your previous search selections will be restored.
  • When viewing search results, a section, or a chapter outline, highlight a term or terms and click on “Search BarBooks” in the top right corner of your screen. This will take you to the search page and fill in your highlighted search term in the search term field. Then select which books you want to search and proceed with a search as usual.


Can I download individual forms?

Yes. When viewing a form online, you will have the option to download the form. Click on either "MSWord format" or "WordPerfect format" in the navigation bar under the OSB Legal Publications logo. Click on the version you want to download and follow the instructions in the File Download dialog box.

Most forms are linked from the individual chapter outlines for the chapters they are associated with. However, some books have a special set up. For example, to download the forms for Documentation of Real Estate Transactions, you must click on the link that says “Table of Forms (DOWNLOAD FORMS)” to get to the downloadable version of the forms.


Nothing happens when I try to download a form. What's wrong?

If a File Download dialog box does not open when you click on either "MSWord format" or "WordPerfect format", you may need to adjust your browser options to allow file downloads.

In Internet Explorer, the Information Bar may be blocking your download. Click on the Information Bar at the top of the screen and select Download File. To allow the File Download dialog box to open automatically:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  2. On the Security tab, click Custom Level.
  3. To turn off the Information Bar for file downloads, in the Downloads section of the list, under Automatic prompting for file downloads, click Enable.


Can I download all the forms for a particular book at one time?

Yes. On the table of contents page for each book that contains forms there are two links in the Description section. Click on the appropriate link to download a zip file of all of the forms in either Word or WordPerfect format. Download and open the zip file first, ctrl+A (selects all files), ctrl+C (copies all files), navigate to the desired folder location to save the files, and ctrl+v (pastes the files). A Table of Forms PDF is available to view the form names and their respective form number.


How do I copy and paste text from a section?

To copy and paste text from a section, highlight the desired text, then type "control c" or click your right mouse button on the highlighted text and select "copy." Your text is now on the clipboard and ready to paste into a document or primary law research tool.

To paste the text in the clipboard, click your right mouse button and select "paste" or type "control v." The text will be inserted into your document with all formatting intact.


Can I print an entire chapter or book?

Yes. Click on "Download PDFs" on the BarBooks™ home page and select the book you want to print. In the top right-hand corner of the book table of contents click on the "Download this Book" link to open the PDF of the entire book. If a book includes a supplement, the PDF will include both the revision and the supplement, and each chapter will be bookmarked. You can then print the entire book, or select the page range of an individual chapter to print.


Can I print a section?

Yes. When viewing a section click on "Print Page" located in the top right corner of your browser screen. This will allow you to print the entire section you are viewing.

You cannot use this function to print a highlighted portion of a section. To do this, copy and paste the text into a separate document and print that document.

You can also print your search results or your history session.


When I print a page from BarBooks™ the right side of the page is cut off. What can I do?

Using the “Print Preview” option in your browser’s File menu, change the percentage of the printout to 80% or 90% to shrink the text to fit on the page. Then click on Print.


Can I save my research?

Yes. You can save your favorite sections, chapters, or books with the Bookmarks feature. Simply click on "Bookmarks" while you are viewing a section, chapter outline, or book table of contents and add it to your favorites list. To later retrieve your favorite click on "Bookmarks" from the homepage to go to your Bookmarks page.

You can also save a favorite search query. Simply click on "Bookmarks" while viewing your search results and the search query will be saved to your favorite searches list. Retrieve your search results by going to the Bookmarks page.

In addition, you can always print individual sections to save a hard copy of your research. Simply click on "Print Page" to print a section.


I viewed something while researching today and didn't save it. Is there a way I can easily find it?

Yes. The "History" feature keeps track of every section you view during a research session. Click "History" from any screen to access a list of the sections you have viewed. This History will only be retained until you log off or your session expires.

Does the online database link to primary law?

Yes, but only for case law, not statutes, rules, or other sources. BarBooks™ includes links to cases that are included in the Fastcase database. Click on a case citation link to open the case in Fastcase. If you want to open the case in a separate tab or window, right-click on the link and select the open option you want.


How often will the online database be updated?

Every time a chapter is revised and given final approval by the author. Also, new or revised jury instructions are posted when approved by either the Civil or Criminal Jury Instructions Committee.


How many books are included in the BarBooks™ online library?

There are 53 books in the BarBooks™ library, ranging from A (Administering Oregon Estates) to W (Workers’ Compensation), including all books published by the OSB Legal Publications Department. In addition, the library includes the Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions, the Disciplinary Board Reporter (1998 – 2009), and Oregon Legislation Highlights editions published by the OSB Public Affairs Department. Finally, we are in the process of preparing four Professional Liability Fund handbooks for inclusion in the searchable library.


How do I log out of BarBooks™?

When you are in BarBooks™ you are in part of the members only part of the bar’s website. To log out of BarBooks™ you must log out of this members only system. Click on the OSB Legal Publications logo in the top left corner of your browser to return to the Member Login page and click on the Logout button in the top right corner.


What should I do if I find a missing section or broken link in the BarBooks™ database?

You should email the information to and we will get it fixed as quickly as possible.


How much does a subscription to BarBooks™ cost?

If you are an active or active pro bono member of the Oregon State Bar, a subscription to BarBooks™ is included in your bar dues as one of your benefits of membership. Optional accounts for the support staff of active or active pro bono members can be purchased for $50 each by contacting

Inactive members may purchase a BarBooks™ subscription for $290 per year. Non-members not affiliated with an Oregon bar member may purchase a subscription for $595 per year.

The cost for law libraries is $295 per computer terminal that the library wants to install BarBooks™ on.


Can I have my paralegal, legal assistant, law clerk, or secretary access the database using my login and password?

Yes. Your access will be subject to a license agreement that will allow for support staff to access the online database on behalf of each active bar member. We can also issue separate logins and passwords for support staff that will need to frequently access BarBooks™ for a cost of $50 per license. Simply send an email with the names and email addresses of all support staff that you want to have their own login and password to