BarBooks™ Frequently Asked Questions

The Help & FAQ page for BarBooks™ is a work in progress. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email and we will help you out, and probably add your question and the answer to the Help & FAQ page.


How do I access a particular book?

Click on the title you are interested in from the list on the BarBooks™ homepage. You will be taken to the title page of the book with an expandable/collapsible table of contents in the panel to the left of the text.

How do I search?

You can search all books in the library, all notes attached to all books, or just a single book.

For all searches, you can use the following Boolean syntax:

To search the entire library, type your search terms in the search box on the home page. Select the “documents” or “notes” checkbox, or both. Then click on the magnifying glass icon.

The search results will show each book that contains your search terms. Click on a search result to view the individual search results within that book.

A pencil icon means those search results are for notes.

A paper icon means those search results are in the book itself.

To search within a single book, click on that book in the list of books on the BarBooks home page. Then click on “Search” above the table of contents. Type in your search term(s) using Boolean syntax and click on the search icon. By default, results are sorted by relevance. To re-sort by chapter and section order, select the document order radio button. Select a search result to go to that section of the book.


Can I download forms?

Yes, you can download all forms for a particular book from the top of the document. In addition, for Uniform Civil and Criminal Jury Instructions, individual instructions can be downloaded from the Summary of Contents or from the top of a specific instruction.


Can I download a PDF or print part or all of a book?

 Yes. While viewing a book, open the “More” dropdown menu. From this menu, you can:

  • Download a PDF of the entire book;
  • Print the entire book;
  • Opt to select a portion of the book to print.

The “Print multiple items from ToC” checkbox opens the Table of Contents where individual chapters or sections can be selected for printing.


How can I see the full chapter outline for a particular chapter?

The expandable/collapsible table of contents is shown in a separate viewing pane next to the book. To see the full chapter outline of a particular chapter, expand each level of the outline by clicking on the > symbol next to the level you want to expand. When a level of the outline is expanded, the symbol will switch to ∨


How do I copy and paste text from a section?

To copy and paste text from a section, highlight the desired text, then type "Ctrl+c" or click your right mouse button on the highlighted text and select "copy." Your text is now on the clipboard and ready to paste into a document or primary law research tool. To paste the text in the clipboard, click your right mouse button and select "paste" or type "Ctrl+v." The text will be inserted into your document with all formatting intact.


Does the online database link to primary law?

Yes, but only for case law, not statutes, rules, or other sources. BarBooks™ includes links to cases that are included in the Fastcase database. Click on a case citation link to open the case in Fastcase. If you are not an active member of the OSB, the links will point to a public Fastcase page with the case.


How often will the online database be updated?

Every time a chapter is revised and given final approval by the author. Also, new or revised jury instructions are posted when approved by either the Civil or Criminal Uniform Jury Instructions Committee.


How many books are included in the online database?

There are 43 books in the OSB Legal Publications library, ranging from A (Administering Oregon Estates) to V (Veterans' Law), 3 issues of Legislation Highlights published by the Public Affairs Department, and 3 Professional Liability Fund publications.


How much does a subscription to the online database cost?

If you are an active or active pro bono member of the Oregon State Bar, a subscription to BarBooks™ is included in your bar dues as one of your benefits of membership. Optional accounts for the support staff of active or active pro bono members can be purchased for $50 each. Inactive bar members may purchase a subscription for $290 per year, and non-members not affiliated with an Oregon bar member may purchase a subscription for $395 per year. The cost for law libraries is $295 per librarian who needs access and the ability to generate tokens for library patrons. All paid subscriptions are for one year from the date of purchase, unless renewed.


How do I log out of BarBooks™?

When you are in BarBooks™ you are in the members only part of the bar's website. To log out of BarBooks™ you must log out of this members only system. Click on the OSB Dashboard link at the bottom of any page, then click the Sign Out button in the top right corner.


What should I do if I find a missing section or broken link in the BarBooks™ library?

Please email the information to and we will get it fixed as quickly as possible.