Retired Membership Status

Oregon State Bar Bylaws - Subsection 6.102 Retired Membership Status

“The purpose of the Retired category of inactive members in the Bar is to recognize the continuing contributions to the legal profession of members who are at least 65 years of age and are retired from the practice of law.”

Members over the age of 65, who are no longer engaging in the practice of law in Oregon, can transfer their membership to retired status by completing and submitting an online application. Members may request a future effective date within 30 days of the application, but the date must be prior to January 31 to receive the reduced fee. The form allows members to report which active member of the Bar will retain their active client files after their transfer. This is for informational purposes as we receive frequent phone calls from clients looking for files.

There is a $150 annual retired membership fee. Members who have already paid fees for the current year are not required to pay the retired fee until the following year. Between December 1 and January 31, the retired fee must be paid to complete your status change. For active members, requests submitted after January 31, require full active membership fees to be paid before the request is processed.

Retired members have no MCLE, IOLTA, or PLF obligations. Members should contact the Professional Liability Fund accounting department at 503.924.1771 or to notify the PLF of the transfer and complete any required exemptions forms.

Retired members will continue to receive the Bar Bulletin and years spent in retired status count toward the 50 year member recognition event. Retired members do not receive access to Fastcase or Bar Books. Retired members may subscribe to Fastcase for a fee by completing and returning the Inactive/Retired Member Fastcase Subscription or contacting the bar’s accounting department at extension 305.

Retired members are eligible for reinstatement. Please see our Reinstatement FAQs for more information regarding the process and the necessary forms.

Please email if you have additional questions regarding status changes.