Fee Dispute Resolution Program

The Oregon State Bar's Fee Dispute Resolution Program is a program for resolving fee disputes between an Oregon attorney and a client, between Oregon clients with out-of-state attorneys, or between Oregon attorneys. All parties must voluntarily agree to participate.

What is Fee Arbitration?
Fee Arbitration is a voluntary process. The arbitrator or arbitration panel conducts an informal hearing where the parties tell their sides of the story. The arbitrators then make a decision and issue a written award. The award is binding for both sides.

Can I Mediate a Fee Dispute?
Yes. The Oregon State Bar offers parties the option to participate in a less formal Fee Mediation process. Mediation is a nonbinding process in which parties work with a mediator to seek a mutually agreeable outcome.

How much does it cost?
A thirty-five dollar ($35) filing fee is due from a petitioner once a respondent agrees to participate. Fee Waiver forms available upon request for consideration by General Counsel's Office.

How do I get started?
Log into the Online Fee Dispute Resolution platform here: https://cii2.courtinnovations.com/OSBFD

Robyn Smith at (503) 431-6383 or rsmith@osbar.org