Annual IOLTA Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to complete an Annual IOLTA Reporting Form?
ORS 9.675 mandates that every active member certify annually to the bar whether the member maintains any lawyers trust account in Oregon. The member must disclose the financial institution in which each account is held and the account number for each account. This form includes the reporting of a member's Oregon IOLTA account and not an individual client trust account. Please do not report IOLTA accounts from other states.

2. Who needs to complete this form?
All active members of the Oregon State Bar need to complete an IOLTA Reporting Form.

3. What if I do not have an IOLTA account?
You still need to complete the form by checking box 2 or 3, which ever applies to your situation. Check only one box.

4. We are a law firm and received only one copy of the form in the OSB Membership Dues packet. Does each lawyer have to fill out a separate form?
Yes, each Oregon State Bar active member in the firm must individually sign and return a form.

Please fill out the law firm’s IOLTA account information then make copies of the form and distribute to each individual attorney for his/her signature.

5. I am an associate at a law firm but do not have any control over the trust account. How do I complete the form?
You will need to check box 1 and also complete the IOLTA account information section with the firms IOLTA account information.

6. What if I am a judge or judicial clerk how do I file?
Check box 3 indicating you do not hold client funds or funds of third persons.

7. What if my office is in another state?
If you have your IOLTA account in that state then please check box 2 and leave the financial information blank.