Pending OSB Member Reinstatements

The following attorneys have filed an application for reinstatement as an active member of the Oregon State Bar pursuant to Rule of Procedure (BR) 8.1:

  • Maria M. Carnevale of Mesa, AZ, #970387

    Ms. Carnevale transferred to inactive status in 2003 because she had relocated to Arizona and was not engaging in the practice of law. Since transferring to inactive status, she has worked for the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education with AmeriCorp VISTA, and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as a Federal Investigator. Upon reinstatement, Ms. Carnevale intends on working as an attorney employed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

  • Steven J. Kuhn of Reston, VA, #972744

    Mr. Kuhn resigned Form A in 2006 because he was switching careers to become a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Since then, his sole occupation has been as a Special Agent. Upon reinstatement, he anticipates applying for a position within the FBI's Office of General Counsel.

  • Jude N. Kassar of Portland, #020631

    Ms. Kassar transferred to inactive status in 2008 because she left the practice of law to raise her children. She held one part time job teaching Hebrew at Havurah Shalom. She does intend to practice law upon reinstatement, but has not specified in what capacity.

  • Jeffrey E. Boly of Portland, #710269

    Mr. Boly received a one year disciplinary suspension in 2013 (27 DB Reporter 136 (2013)). He transferred to inactive status in October, 1998 and remained in that status until his suspension. He does not plan to practice law upon reinstatement.

  • L. Vivien Lyon of Portland, #043500

    Ms. Lyon transferred to inactive status in 2008 because she did not plan to work in the legal field. Since transferring, Ms. Lyon has worked as a manager for various organizations within the music, theatre, and entertainment field. She is currently unemployed and seeking work, volunteering with the Community Law Project performing non-legal related tasks. Upon reinstatement, she plans to work as an attorney with the Community Law Project, focusing on employment law issues.

  • Elizabeth W. Randol of Salem, #096086

    Ms. Randol transferred to inactive status in 2010 because she was working and residing in Kansas. Upon relocating back to Oregon, her employment did not require active bar membership. In Kansas, Ms. Randol worked as a Domestic Violence Specialist for the State of Kansas, Office of Judicial Administration. Upon returning to Oregon, she obtained employment with the State of Oregon, Office of the State Court Administrator as a Business Process Manager. Upon reinstatement, she intends on continuing to work within her current position at the Oregon Judicial Department.

The Rules of Procedure require the Board of Governors to conduct an investigation of BR 8.1 reinstatement applications to determine whether applicants possess the good moral character and general fitness to practice law and whether the resumption of the practice of law in this state by the applicants will not be detrimental to the administration of justice or the public interest. Any person with information relevant to these applications is asked to contact promptly the OSB Regulatory Services Division, P.O. Box 231935, Tigard, OR 97281; phone: (503) 620-0222, or toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260), ext. 343.