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Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 231935
Tigard, OR

Our building is located at:
16037 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd (Directions)
Tigard, OR


(503) 620-0222 or Inside Oregon: 1 (800) 452-8260

(503) 684-1366

General OSB Inquiries: info@osbar.org
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Oregon State Bar Mission

The mission of the Oregon State Bar is to serve justice and the public interest by promoting respect for the rule of law, by improving the quality of legal services, and by increasing access to justice.

Oregon State Bar Functions and Goals

  • Regulate the Legal Profession and Improve the Quality of Legal Services.
    – Our goal is to protect the public by ensuring competence and integrity and by promoting professionalism in the legal profession.
  • Support the Judiciary and Improve the Administration of Justice.
    – Our goal is to protect and advance the quality, integrity, and impartiality of the judicial system.
  • Advance a Fair, Inclusive, and Accessible Justice System.
    – Our goal is to foster trust in, respect for, understanding of, and access to the justice system.

Oregon State Bar Values

Integrity is the measure of the bar's values through its actions. The bar adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards in all of its dealings.

The bar works to eliminate bias in the justice system and to ensure access to justice for all.

The bar actively pursues its mission and promotes and encourages leadership among its members both to the legal profession and the community.

The bar is committed to serving and valuing its diverse community, to advancing equality in the justice system, and to removing barriers to that system.

The bar promotes the rule of law as the best means to achieve justice and resolve conflict in a democratic society.

The bar is accountable for its decisions and actions and will be transparent and open in communication with its various constituencies.

Excellence is a fundamental goal in the delivery of bar programs and services. Since excellence has no boundary, the bar strives for continuous improvement.

The bar encourages education and dialogue on how law impacts the needs and interests of future generations relative to the advancement of the science of jurisprudence and improvement of the administration of justice.

The bar supports and promotes the well-being of legal professionals as integral to lawyers' professional duty of competence and to the effective administration of justice.

Oregon State Bar

The Oregon State Bar (OSB) was established in 1935 by the Oregon Legislative Assembly to license and discipline lawyers, regulate the practice of law and provide a variety of services to bar members and the public. The bar is a public corporation and an instrumentality of the Oregon Judicial Department, funded by membership and program fees.


The OSB has more than 15,000 active members. Approximately half of our members engage in the private practice of law. The rest work primarily in government, corporate and business settings. Nearly 6,000 of our active members are women. More than 2,500 reside in a state other than Oregon.


An eighteen-member volunteer Board of Governors oversees the activities of the OSB. Fourteen board members are lawyers, elected by the membership by geographic region. The other four board members are public (non-lawyer) members appointed based on their areas of interest and expertise. The Board of Governors has established numerous committees and interests group to advise and make recommendations to the board on matters involving the legal profession and justice system.

The OSB House of Delegates serves as the representative assembly of the membership, voting on proposed changes to rules, membership fees and other matters. It has more than 200 members, most of whom are elected by geographic region. Other delegates represent OSB Sections and local bar associations, and seven public members are appointed by the Board of Governors on a regional basis. The House of Delegates meets annually.

The Oregon Supreme Court has authority over appointments to the Disciplinary Board and the Board of Bar Examiners. Members of these boards are also volunteers, and receive staff and administrative support from the OSB.

The OSB Executive Director oversees bar operations, managing a staff of approximately 90 people and a $15 million annual operating budget.