OSB Sections

Section Information & Websites

OSB Sections provide specialized information and opportunities to develop and improve skills alongside other attorneys. Each section is designed to enhance lawyers' specialized skill and knowledge, influence changes in the legislature and community, keep members abreast of developments in their field, provide an avenue for educational and pro bono opportunities and provide a forum to network, build relationships, and express views.

Each section accomplishes these goals through a combination of section meetings, Continuing Legal Education programs, legislative activities, and publications. View the membership benefits for each section below.

Executive committee members and officers are elected by the section membership at the annual meeting. Activities are administered by the Executive Committee under the general oversight of the OSB Board of Governors.

For information regarding section list serves access the member dashboard and select the 'Profile' tab and then the 'Communication Preferences' tab. More info available here.

Joining Sections

OSB sections provide members with opportunities to develop and improve skills, as well as a forum to communicate and participate in activities with other members who have common interests. To join a section online, log in here and select the sections you want to join. Some sections offer complementary membership to specific categories of members. To see if you qualify see the applicable enrollment forms here.