Status Change FAQ

I will no longer be actively practicing law in Oregon and want to update my status. What are my options?

The Oregon State Bar offers four alternative options for members who no longer wish to practice law and maintain an active status with the Bar.  The chart below provides a brief comparison of the status options. Please select a status type for more details.

Status Type Annual Fee Transfer Deadline for Reduced Fee Benefits Reporting Requirements
Eligible to Practice
Law in Oregon
Eligible for Reinstatement
Inactive Status $150 January 31 Bulletin None No Yes
Retired Status
(Over Age 65)
$150 January 31 Bulletin None No Yes
Active Pro Bono Status $150 January 31 Bulletin, Fastcase,
None Only through Bar certified pro bono programs Yes
Form A Resignation
(before 12/1/19)
None None None None No Yes
Form A Resignation
(after 11/30/19)
None None None None No No. Members must reapply for admission

What is the difference between inactive and retired Status?

The retired status is a subcategory of the inactive status. The only difference between the two options is the name itself and the requirement that members must be age 65 or older to elect the retired status. Both the fee and the process of reinstatement are the same under both categories.

Members who transfer to inactive, retired or active pro bono status and members who resigned Form A prior to December 1, 2019, are eligible for reinstatement under Bar Rules 8.1 or 8.2 depending on the date of transfer. Members who resigned Form A after November 30, 2019, are required to reapply for admission to the Oregon State Bar. Please see our Reinstatement FAQs for more information regarding the reinstatement process or visit our Admissions home page for more information regarding the admission process.

Please note that membership fees are not prorated or refunded; be mindful of this fact when transferring status midyear. If you think you will need to be active within the same calendar year, switching status is generally not recommended as it will cost you money and time. If you think you will be away from the practice of law in Oregon for longer than one year you should explore the options above.

Please email if you have additional questions regarding status changes.