Board of Governors Accepts Online Pubs Task Force Proposal

The Online CLE Publications Task Force was created as a result of a House of Delegates Resolution directing the Board of Governors to develop a subscription or licensing model for online CLE publications in lieu of the mandatory fee program proposed in 2004. The Board of Governors solicited members of the House of Delegates to work with the board’s Member Services Committee in developing the new delivery model for online CLE publications. The Member Services Committee recommended five members chosen to be on the Task Force to ensure a quorum of three House of Delegates members at each meeting, and also recommended that two Board of Governors members be on the Task Force, and that the CLE Publications Manager be staff liaison to the Task Force.

The Task Force identified two primary goals that it needed to keep in mind throughout the process: (1) to create a product that would make CLE publications accessible to a wider range of members, especially those who currently don’t have access to CLE publications due to cost considerations or inaccessibility to a law library, and (2) to create a product and pricing structure that would ensure that the CLE Publications Department continued to comply with OSB Bylaw 16.1, which requires that CLE functions be generally self-supporting.

The Task Force developed a proposal to offer all CLE publications as a single database product, accessible via password from any computer having internet access. This product will include a keyword search feature, the ability to browse the list of books included, and the ability to save chapter sections in a “favorites” list. The Task Force recommended that staff make every effort to “roll out” the online product before the House of Delegates meeting in the fall of 2006, and that the product become available by the end of the calendar year. There are two different pricing structures for this product, depending on the type of user. All online subscribers will be allowed to purchase print copies of any CLE publication at a 40% discount.

The Task Force Report was presented to the Board of Governors at its May 5–6 meeting and was accepted by the Board of Governors.

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