OSB Program (Advisory Member) Committees

These listings include, where applicable, the committee Chair, Secretary, Public Member, Advisory Member, and the Board of Governors, OSB, and PLF liaison.

Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Advise on programs designed to increase racial and ethnic minority participation in the Oregon legal profession.

Meets the 3rd Monday of every month (except July, August and December) at 3-5 p.m. at OSB.

Haroldson, John M    Chairperson
Starke, Cynthia J    Secretary
Alarcon, Jacqueline Lizeth    Member
Asai, Jessica A    Member
Bartz, David F    Member
Batrakova, Irina S    Member
Butler, Deborah M    Member
Harrell, Bruce B    Member
Iparraguirre, H Roland    Member
Liou, Jonathan S    Member
Moses, Gabriel Elias    Member
Rose, J Nicole    Member
Simon, Daniel     Member
Sykes, Diane S    Member
Umscheid, Lisa M    Member
Wu, Michael Y    Member
Matsumonji, Audrey T    BOG Contact
Gregory, Shari R    OAAP Liaison
Nicholls, Jennifer     NLD Liaison
Hyland, Mariann     Bar Liaison

Client Security Fund

Investigate and recommend acceptance or rejection of claims for reimbursement of lawyer theft or misappropriation of client money.

Meets on Saturday, every other month, 9:30 a.m. at various locations.

Brown, Elaine J    Chairperson
Miller, Lisa Almasy    Secretary
Atwood, Ronald W    Member
Bennett, Steven R    Member
Butterfield, Lisanne M    Member
Davis, William A    Member
Franco, Deanna L    Member
Keeler, J Andrew    Member
Naucler, Mitzi M    Member
Reinecke, Mark G    Member
Timmons, Bradley V    Member
Calderon, Carlos G    Public Member
Williams, Timothy L    BOG Contact
Stevens, Sylvia E    Bar Liaison

Legal Ethics

Develop opinions in response to ethics inquiries; recommend changes to the ethics code.

Meets every other month on Saturday, 9:30 a.m., at various locations.

Armstrong, Shannon Riordan    Chairperson
Burt, Robert G    Secretary
Asai, Kristin     Member
Boswell, Kimberly S    Member
Brown, Katrina L    Member
Doshi, Ankur Hasmukh    Member
Downey, Sean K    Member
Elkanich, David J    Member
Gordon, David M    Member
Hager, Laurie R    Member
Johnson, Erious     Member
Levelle, Michael D    Member
Markiewicz, Jeremy A    Member
Muhlheim, Wilson C    Member
Wylie, Alexander S    Member
Kohlhoff, Theresa M    BOG Contact
Hierschbiel, Helen M    Bar Liaison

Legal Services

Responsible for reviewing and reporting to the Board of Governors on filing fee funds.

Meets 3-4 times a year at various locations.

Newton, Josh     Chairperson
Bremer Moore, Kristin L    Secretary
Hon Gerking, Timothy C    Member
Hall, Brent H    Member
Hallinan, Michael B    Member
Shugar, Kamala Hollander    Member
Thompson, Andrea H    Member
Lord, Karen J    Public Member
Whang, Simon     BOG Contact
Baker, Judith     Bar Liaison

Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Amend and set program policy guidelines and select program recipients.

Meets two or three times a year at the OSB.

Anderly, Andrea J    Member
Barnett, Russell S    Member
Ehlers, Patrick Joseph    Member
Hon Gerking, Timothy C    Member
Husted, Amanda Summer    Member
Johnston, Marc A    Member
Newman, Suzannah E    Member
Penn, William C    Member
Wesenberg, Richard L    Member
Petrecca, Catherine     Bar Liaison

MCLE Committee

Provides input, analysis and evaluation of the program that accredits education programs for Oregon attorneys.

Meets Friday at noon, four times a year at the OSB.

O'Day, Sean E    Chairperson
Larkin, Linda J    Secretary
Banwarth, Allison W    Member
Fischer, Joel     Member
Gibson, Kristie L    Member
Kelley, Carla L    Member
King, Christy Alisa    Member
Powell, Matthew     Member
Cline, Denise     Bar Liaison

New Lawyer Mentoring

Responsible for the review of mentor candidates and recommending changes to the program and mentoring curriculum.

Meets Wednesdays at either noon at Barran Liebman LLP or at 9:00 a.m. at the OSB.

Howes, Jeffrey Alan    Chairperson
Bowen, Alfred Frank    Member
Brown, Sarah J    Member
Decker, Lainie Dillon    Member
DePaolis, Diane M    Member
Dreher, Ariel J    Member
Howry, John C    Member
Lam, Vincci W    Member
McDaniel, Kelsie Davis    Member
Petersen, Sarah M    Member
Purcell, Michael T    Member
Schpak, Andrew M    Member
Wilcox, Jessica     Member
Wyse, Kyoko K    Member
Anderly, Andrea J    Ex Officio Member
Mitchel-Markley, Caitlin J    BOG Contact
Walsh, Kateri     Bar Liaison

Public Service Advisory

Provide volunteer opportunities to increase understanding and respect of the justice system by adult Oregonians.

Meets 1-4 times a year on Saturday, at 10:00 a.m. at the OSB.

Brown, Heidi K    Chairperson
Costa, Jennifer A    Secretary
Buisman, Diane W    Member
Dohrman, Rebekah L    Member
Firestone, Gary     Member
Graham, Kamron L    Member
Joyce, Anna Marie    Member
Lang, Mark J    Member
Maryanov, Debra Cohen    Member
Smythe, Barbara     Member
Soper, Josh     Member
Horan, James B    Public Member
Ross, Joshua L    BOG Contact
Blackford, Sheila Maloney    PLF Liaison
McClendon, Eric     Bar Liaison
Pulju, M Kay    Bar Liaison

Unlawful Practice of Law

Investigate complaints of unlawful practice; recommend prosecution where appropriate.

Meets the 2nd Friday of every month, 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the OSB.

Rufolo, Laura B    Chairperson
von Ter Stegge, Katharine     Chair-Elect
Doughman, David F    Secretary
Benton, Joel C    Member
Brown, Jermaine F    Member
Fitzgerald, Erin K    Member
Hilton, Frank H    Member
Lanker, Alan S    Member
McStay, P Andrew    Member
Nitta, James H    Member
Oakes, Karen M    Member
Sgarlata, AnneMarie     Member
Smith, Caroline Louise    Member
Weintraut, Ellen Marie    Member
Dorland, Sara L    Public Member
Latham, Robert P    Public Member
Hollister, Amber Autumn    Bar Liaison