Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board (DB) is another component of the disciplinary process. If the State Professional Responsibility Board authorizes formal charges the DB acts as the hearing or trial panel for each contested case. All contested cases (discipline and reinstatement) are heard by panels of the DB. Each trial panel consists of two lawyers and one non-lawyer member of the DB. The Supreme Court appoints the DB from lawyers and public members nominated by the OSB Board of Governors. Terms are for three years and members may serve multiple terms.

If you have questions about the Disciplinary Board, please contact Amber Hollister (x312), General Counsel, or Cassandra Dyke (x334), Administrative Assistant, P.O. Box 231935, 16037 SW Upper Boones Ferry Road, Tigard, OR, 97281-1935, (503) 620-0222 or 1-800-452-8260 inside Oregon.

Disciplinary Board Members

Region 1

Kimble, Jennifer F    Chairperson
Dickson, Elizabeth A    Member
Hallman, W Eugene    Member
Heatherman, Paul B    Member
Laherty, John E    Member
McGean, Michael H    Member
Roome, Ronald L    Member
Bjerke, Steven P    Public Member
Lehman, Larry     Public Member
Thomas, Ray J    Public Member

Region 2

Harris, Jet     Chairperson
Horner, Chas     Member
Kieran, Meg E    Member
Velure, Debra E    Member
Walsh, James K    Member
Bebout, Carrie A    Public Member
McCully, George A    Public Member

Region 3

Davis, John E    Chairperson
Austin, Penny Lee    Member
Benton, Joel C    Member
Michelsen, Joan Marie     Member
Dr Rosilez, Anthony J    Member
Pyle, Thomas W    Public Member
Sevcik, April L    Public Member

Region 4

Proctor, Kathy     Chairperson
Bothello, Deena B    Member
Buckley, Marcia     Member
McKean, Matthew C    Member
Rapoport, Simeon D    Member
Bramson, Loni J    Public Member
Fabiano, Joseph M    Public Member

Region 5

Atwood, Ronald W    Chairperson
Beel, Bryan D    Member
Bosworth, Duane A    Member
Caldwell, Lisa M    Member
Crispin, Craig A    Member
Dippel, Courtney C    Member
Doughman, David F    Member
Goehler, Barry J    Member
Hercher, David W    Member
Kauffman, Samuel C    Member
Paternoster, Charles J    Member
Reynolds, Kristina M    Member
Stearns, Krista S    Member
Talcott, Anne Marie    Member
Watkins, Ulanda L    Member
Weiss, Frank J    Member
Butler, Stephen D    Public Member
Jackson, JoAnn     Public Member
Martin, Charles H    Public Member
Parker, James E    Public Member
Symonds, Virginia Anne    Public Member
Voloshina, Nataliya     Public Member
Wallis, Michael     Public Member

Region 6

Edmonds, James C    Chairperson
Bagg, John T    Member
Barlow, John L    Member
Crowther, Joshua B    Member
Johnnie, Gina Anne    Member
McCann, Robert C    Member
Reynolds, Lorena M    Member
Tamayo, Yvonne Ana    Member
Beyrouty, Fadd E    Public Member
Fallon, Dorothy A    Public Member
Gehlar, Paul Mark    Public Member
Rasko, Sylvia     Public Member

Region 7

Cole, Andrew M    Chairperson
Franco, Deanna L    Member
Harpster, Kelly L    Member
Kranovich, Tom     Member
Rose, S Michael    Member
Bentley, Eugene L    Public Member
LeBarron, Joan J    Public Member