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Fee Arbitration and Fee Mediation

The Oregon State Bar's Fee Arbitration Program is program for resolving fee disputes between an Oregon attorney and a client, between Oregon clients with out-of-state attorneys, or between Oregon attorneys. All parties must voluntarily agree to participate.

What is Fee Arbitration?
Fee Arbitration is a voluntary process. The arbitrator or arbitration panel conducts an informal hearing where the parties tell their sides of the story. The arbitrators then make a decision and issue a written award. The award is binding for both sides.

Can I Mediate a Fee Dispute?
Yes. The Oregon State Bar offers parties the option to participate in a less formal Fee Mediation prior to arbitration. Mediation is a nonbinding process in which parties work with a mediator to seek a mutually agreeable outcome.

How much does it cost?

Amount in Dispute Cost
$250-$7500 $50
$7501 or more $75

Fee waiver forms available upon request for consideration by General Counsel's office.

After reading through the rules, please fill out the Fee Arbitration Forms and post back to the OSB.

Following is contact and mailing information:

Cassandra Dyke by phone at 503.431.6334, or via e-mail at

Oregon State Bar
Arbitration of Fee Disputes
P.O. Box 231935
16037 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd
Tigard, OR 97281-1935