Oregon New Lawyers Division


The mission of the Oregon New Lawyers Division is to assist new lawyers with the transition to practicing law in Oregon, either from law school or from a practice in another jurisdiction; conduct programs of value to new lawyers and law students; promote public awareness and access to justice; and promote professionalism among new lawyers.

Any law student presently attending an ABA accredited law school in Oregon is automatically considered an associate member of the ONLD without payment of dues. Individual students at other ABA accredited schools shall be associate members upon request.

Every lawyer who has practiced six years or less, or is 36 years old or younger (whichever is later) is automatically a member of the ONLD. No separate dues are collected by the ONLD and no separate sign up is required to join the Division. The ONLD is the only bar division representing over 3,500 lawyers, approximately 25% of the Bar. The ONLD was created in recognition of the special interests of new lawyers that are often different from those of more experienced attorneys. New lawyers are more likely to be concerned with issues of professional advancement, balancing family and career and substantive legal education.

The ONLD has its own bylaws, budget, programs and subcommittees comprised exclusively of ONLD members. The goals of the ONLD are set by its members and acted upon by the ONLD Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is made up of 11 members, 7 regional members (one from each Bar region), 4 at-large members, and is governed by a chair, chair-elect, secretary and treasurer, all of whom are elected by the ONLD membership at the annual meeting.

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Executive Committee

Eder, Kaori Tanabe    Chairperson
Nicholls, Jennifer     Chair-Elect
Andries, Colin George    Past Chair
Gust, Andrew T    Treasurer
Jones, Cassie K    Secretary
Fender, Jaimie A    Member
Gzik, Ralph Edward    Member
Herman, Kelsey     Member
Kuchulis, Anthony D    Member
Morton, Justin Richard    Member
Weiner, Andrew T    Member
Welsh, Robert J    Member
Crittenden, Brad     Advisory Member
Eckstein, Ben     Advisory Member
Heape, Lorrie     Advisory Member
Zinser, Elisabeth A    BOG Contact
Lane, Michelle     Bar Liaison
Petrecca, Catherine     Bar Liaison