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Protecting the Public from Unlawful Practice of Law

What is the Unlawful Practice of Law?
A person who is not an active member of the Oregon State Bar, but appears in court on behalf of others, drafts or selects legal documents, advises others of legal rights, acts as an immigration consultant, holds him or herself out to be a lawyer, or has a law office in Oregon, regardless of where his or her clients are located, may be engaged in the Unlawful Practice of Law.  Please refer to the UPL FAQ for additional information.

If you are concerned that someone may be practicing law without a license, please submit a complaint form describing your concerns.  If you have any questions about what information you should provide, please call 503-620-0222, ext.334.

OSB General Counsel's Office
Unlawful Practice of Law
P.O. Box 231935
Tigard, OR

PLEASE NOTE: The Unlawful Practice of Law Form is for NON-lawyers or out-of-state lawyers
who are practicing law in Oregon. If your complaint is with any member of the OSB,
you should read If You Have a Problem With a Lawyer.