Other Committees, Councils and Interest Groups

These listings include, where applicable, the committee Chair, Secretary, Public Member, Advisory Member, and the Board of Governors, OSB, and PLF liaison.

Bar Press Broadcasters Council

Provide a means of communication among the OSB, Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and Oregon Association of Broadcasters.

Meets 3-4 times a year on Saturday, 10:00 a.m. at the OSB.

Bray, Douglas Marion    Member
Cozine, Nancy     Member
Jacobs, Chad A    Member
Krasik, Steven L    Member
Ludwig, Lisa J    Member
Mackeson, Wayne     Member
Meek, Daniel W    Member
Hon Thompson, Kirsten E    Member
Underhill, Rodney Dale    Member
Wilkinson, Alison F    Member
Young, Lawrence R    Member
Walsh, Kateri     Bar Liaison

Judicial Administration — Website

Advise BOG on judicial selection and administration issues.

Meets the 1st Thursday of every month 3:30-5:00 p.m. at the OSB.

Boutin, Roderick A    Chairperson
Hunsaker, Danielle J    Secretary
Bignon, Bernadette House    Member
Bounds, Ryan Wesley    Member
Daniels, Morgen E    Member
Lain, Susan K    Member
Hon Leggert, Terry Ann    Member
O'Brien, Danielle J    Member
Paris, Wendy J    Member
Powell, Matthew     Member
Ramras, Christopher Andrew    Member
Wilkinson, Kate Anne    Member
Williams, James D    Member
Wright, Theresa L    Member
Piluso, Carla C    Public Member
Heysell, R Ray    BOG Contact
Grabe, Susan Evans    Bar Liaison

Legal Heritage

Preserve and communicate the history of the OSB to interested groups.

Meets on Saturday 3-4 times a year, 10:30 a.m. at various locations.

von Ter Stegge, Katharine     Chairperson
Hull, Rachel Lynn    Secretary
Anderson, Mary Anne    Member
Avison, David B    Member
Biello, Gabriel Mead    Member
Chin, Bill Y    Member
Dickinson, Jamie Lynne    Member
Farr, Mary Ellen Page    Member
Fu, Ning     Member
Kreft, Janet D    Member
Schenker, Adam     Member
Tommas, Jacqueline A    Member
Martinez, Paul     Public Member
Mullen, Jay     Public Member
Nickell, Paul     Bar Liaison

Pro Bono

Assist with expansion of services to low-income clients in civil matters.

Meets the 1st Tuesday of every other month from 12-1pm at Miller Nash LLP.

Sawyer, Justin C    Chairperson
Robbins, Meagan E    Secretary
de Villiers, Christo J    Member
Eiva, Beth Ariel    Member
Haberlach, William P    Member
Hanks, Virginia M    Member
Heywood, Samuel     Member
Nakata, Darren T    Member
Orem, Joshua R    Member
Richards, Gabrielle D    Member
Schmonsees, Brian     Member
Strauhull, Jonathan P    Member
Templet, Sommer J    Member
Vivek, Shalini     Member
West, Beverly     Member
Crawford, Maya     Advisory Member
Thompson, Andrea H    Advisory Member
Chaney, James C    BOG Contact
Petrecca, Catherine     Bar Liaison

Procedure & Practice

Study, monitor, and recommend changes in procedures governing civil cases in Oregon.

Meets on 2nd Thursday of every month from 3:30-4:30pm at the OSB.

Pistacchio, Jason M    Chairperson
Berman, Steven C    Secretary
Abel, Kirstin L    Member
Bachofner, John R    Member
Gerber, Susan R    Member
Gramson, Loren Andrew    Member
Jackson, Neil W    Member
Kafoury, Jason Llewellyn    Member
Lewton, Michael C    Member
Malmberg, Anna S    Member
Ming, Chin See    Member
Rowan, Matthew Alan    Member
Tahir, Melissa Lopeman    Member
Wang, Emery     Member
Emerick, Hunter B    BOG Contact
Shields, Matthew     Bar Liaison

Quality of Life – Website

Educate lawyers and firms about the benefits of balancing personal life and career obligations.

Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month except July and August from 12-1pm at the OSB.

Marcotrigiano, Eva M    Chairperson
Miller, Amy Saeger    Secretary
Elliott, Cody J    Member
Medina, Ruben     Member
Rauch, Mark S    Member
Reid, Michael B    Member
Stannard, Mindy S    Member
Villella, Anne E    Member
Terhaar, Virginia     Public Member
Decker, Heather Wright    Advisory Member
Dukelow, Kyle B    Advisory Member
Flynn, Adina R    Advisory Member
Billman, Jenifer S    BOG Contact
Hanson, Tanya R    PLF Liaison
Schulz, Charles     Bar Liaison

State Lawyers Assistance

Investigate and resolve complaints about lawyers whose conduct impairs their ability to practice law.

Meets on the 4th Thursday every month, 4:00 p.m. at the OSB.

Lusk, Robert M    Chairperson
Lucey, Kevin E    Secretary
Cougar, Michael     Member
Doyle, Stephen J    Member
Francisco, Vaden B    Member
Merrill, Gretchen Gunn    Member
Parsons, John D    Member
Plagmann, Teri L    Member
Seidel, Michael W    Member
Welch, Bryan R    Member
Harrington, Bernadette     Public Member
Versteeg, Edward B    Public Member
Kehoe, Matthew H    BOG Contact
Querin, Douglas S    OAAP Liaison
Hollister, Amber Autumn    Bar Liaison

Uniform Jury Instructions-Civil

Develop uniform jury instructions for use in civil trials.

Meets the third Thursday of every month from 6 pm to 9 pm at various locations.

Malmsheimer, Matthew E    Chairperson
Devlin, John Thomas    Secretary
Coughlin, Jennifer Lee    Member
Hon Garcia, Oscar     Member
Heinson, Timothy J    Member
Henderson, Charles R    Member
Hunking, Jennifer L    Member
Osaka, Gordon L    Member
Peterson, Mark Allen    Member
Ross, Jeremiah Vail    Member
Rounds, Christopher B    Member
Schwimmer, John A    Member
Stephenson, Christina     Member
von Ter Stegge, Katharine     Member
West McCall, Kristen     Member
Chaney, James C    BOG Contact
Kruschke, Linda L    Bar Liaison

Uniform Jury Instructions-Criminal

Develop uniform jury instructions for use in criminal trials.

Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6-8pm at the OSB.

Hon Leggert, Terry Ann    Chairperson
Contreras, Jamie     Secretary
Barnett, Russell S    Member
Engelsman, Stephanie J    Member
Engle, Barry W    Member
Johnson, Rankin     Member
Kebler, Melanie     Member
Latto, Harrison     Member
Nadell, Amanda     Member
Nelson, Justin W    Member
Hon Price, Steven L    Member
Robinson, Andrew D    Member
Short, Jason Glenn    Member
Smith, Paul L    Member
Wicks, Alix     Member
Ehlers, Patrick Joseph    BOG Contact
Land, Dean P    Bar Liaison