OSB Legal Services Program

Legal service providers throughout Oregon serve the needs of low-income residents with direct provision of legal services for those below 125% of the national poverty guidelines, and with services that strive to keep Oregonís justice system open and accessible to all. With limited funding, representation focuses largely on high-priority needs such as food, shelter, medical care, income maintenance and physical safety.

The Oregon State Bar Legal Services Program is charged with distributing dedicated filing fee revenues to the network of programs that provide these services, and providing ongoing oversight and evaluation of providers based on a set of Standards and Guidelines.

A key objective of the bar is to fund a statewide system of providers that are part of an integrated delivery system for civil legal services which incorporates the Mission, Values and Core Capacities set forth in the OSB Civil Legal Services Task Force Final Report and available through the link set out below. The integrated delivery system is centered on the needs of the low-income client community.

Legal Services programs exist to ensure that each low-income Oregonian has relatively equal access to help in a legal crisis. This objective, while challenging to fully realize with limited funding, is the cornerstone of American concepts of justice and fair play, and is a top priority of the Oregon State Bar.