2006 Judicial Candidates

Judicial Candidate Profiles

Check here for detailed Question & Answer statements from many of the candidates on the ballot for this election. The bar is proud of Oregon's history of selecting judges on a non-partisan basis. Although the bar does not endorse candidates for public office, with this site we hope to give voters solid information on judicial candidates without compromising a judges' most important attribute: the ability to be fair and impartial from the bench. We are pleased to have profiles on all of the candidates in contested races as well as some in uncontested races.

Please send questions or feedback about the candidate profiles to khoutary@osbar.org

Judicial Preference Poll

Click here for results of the bar’s latest judicial preference poll. For each contested judicial race in Oregon, the bar polls its members on their candidate preferences. The idea is that the lawyers in a local community are often in a unique position to assess their colleagues on a professional basis. They’ve often worked closely with candidates professionally and can analyze their history, scholarly ability, judicial temperament and ability to be fair and balanced in a judicial setting.

For circuit court races, the bar polls just the lawyers in the county in which the candidate is running. In statewide races, such as the Supreme Court, the bar polls all of its membership.

Supreme Court Candidates Forum

Click here to watch a public forum featuring the Hon. Virginia Linder and Jack Roberts, candidates for Oregon Supreme Court. This moderated forum includes personal statements from the candidates, as well as a series of questions designed to illuminate the candidates’ views on important issues related to Oregon’s court system.