OSB Indigent Defense Task Force
On Defense Standards Survey Results

The OSB Indigent Defense Task Force conducted surveys of judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and probationers with respect to criminal defense representation. The purpose of the surveys was to assist the task force in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the existing indigent defense system. The surveys did not address representation in juvenile dependency, delinquency or involuntary commitment proceedings.

Part One of this Appendix provides a sampling of the survey results and comments. With respect to surveys completed by judges, defense attorneys, and prosecutors, the results reported in this section are those that pertain to the quality of services provided by criminal defense attorneys in general, and by retained defense counsel and state-paid defense counsel, specifically. Probationers were not asked the same questions asked of judges, defense attorneys and prosecutors regarding quality of representation. The sampling of probationers' survey responses that are included in Part One shows the types of services that received the highest number of 'excellent' ratings and those that received the highest number of 'poor' ratings by probationers.

Part Two of this appendix provides tabulations of all of the survey results.

Part Three contains a copy of the survey document used for each of the four different surveys.

Part Four is a report received by the task force from a federal inmate who, at the suggestion of a task force member, conducted an informal survey of federal inmates at the Sheridan, Oregon facility, with respect to quality of criminal defense representation.