Register for OSB Events in 5 easy steps:
1. Browse or Search OSB Events by name, date, time, location or credits.
2. Add a Registrant first then select an event to see customized pricing.
3. Select an event then Add registrations and meals or other options.
4. View Cart and make any adjustments.
5. Checkout from the cart using your VISA or MasterCard to make payment.
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Frequently asked Questions

How do I browse the OSB events?
The initial view of the Online Event Registration page presents all of the current events arranged alphabetically by title. The pulldown menu on the upper-right side will allow you to organize the events alphabetically or chronologically by Title, Date, City or Credits. By clicking on an event you may then see the locations and times for that event. Clicking on a location will present further details and allow you to register.

How do I search these events?
Click on event search in the right side of the yellow menu bar to bring up the search window. You may enter multiple items in the fields to further narrow your search. After you have input all criteria, click perform search to yeild your results.

I have found an event, how do I register?
If you wish to register for an event you must first enter a new registrant into the Registrants list in the box at the upper right of this screen. You may add a registrant initially to view any available discounts in realtime as you are browsing the events, or you may browse for an event and then enter a registrant. Multiple registrants are possible. When you have found the location and time you would like, click the shopping cart to insert this event. You may click View Cart at any time to check the contents of your cart.

How can I change items in my shopping cart?
To add or delete registrants to an event in your shopping cart, click the left arrow in the upper-right corner of the cart. To delete, enter a "0" and select "Save Changes". To add more registrants, insert the total and select "Save Changes".