Submitting an Ethics Complaint Regarding an Oregon Lawyer

Please Note: This process is NOT confidential. All materials received by the bar are considered public record. A copy of your complaint will be provided to the accused attorney and a copy retained by the bar in accordance with current OSB records retention policy. Retained records are available for public inspection through the OSB Public Records Clerk. Keep this in mind as you decide what personal information to disclose in your submission.

Before You Submit a Complaint

  • Please click here and read information on the OSB Client Assistance Office and the complaint process. Valuable time can be saved if you understand the complaint process.

  • If you have any questions, please call (503) 620-0222 and ask for the Client Assistance Office prior to submitting.

  • You may submit your complaint electronically or via regular mail.

  • Please keep a copy of what you submit. If you later request copies of what you have submitted, the bar charges 25 cents per page to copy the documents you request. If you use the online form below, you will receive a copy of your submission as confirmation of the bar's receipt of your complaint at the email address you provide on the form.

  • The OSB generally does not have jurisdiction to consider complaints regarding judges. Complaints regarding judges fall within the jurisdiction of the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability, rather than the Oregon State Bar. Consequently, the bar would be unable to investigate those allegations. You may wish to contact the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability at (503) 626-6776, or PO Box 1130, Beaverton, Oregon 97075-1130.

Methods of Submission

1) To submit a complaint electronically:

Fill in the fields below and attach any documents neccessary to support your concerns.

This form accomodates up to three attachments. If you want to attach more than three documents, please submit your complaint by regular mail. Please note that attachments of large size will take time to upload, sometimes many minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Uploading is generally slower than downloading with most services. (see step 2 below)

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What is your complaint? 

Please be as specific yet concise as possible and remember to specify what your complaint is, when it happened, where the incident occurred, why you went to the attorney and any other factors you can think of which are relevant to your complaint. It is suggested that you type your complaint in an email or text editing application, save it, and then copy and paste it into this box.

You may attach supporting documents to your complaint:
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2) To submit your complaint by email/regular mail:

Although it is not required that you use this form, you may click the button below to download and print a form to fill out.

Please EMAIL complaint to:

Please MAIL complaint to:

Client Assistance Office
Oregon State Bar
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Telephone: (503) 620-0222, Toll Free in Oregon: (800) 452-8260