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Executive Committee

Ms. Runkles-Pearson, P K    Chairperson
Kalmanson, Matthew J    Chair-Elect
Ms. Severe, Erin J Snyder    Past Chair
Mr. Diaz, Kevin     Treasurer
Hon. DeHoog, Roger J    Secretary
Mr. Brown, Jermaine F    Member
Mr. Eiva, Travis     Member
Hon. Greenlick, Michael A    Member
Ms. Harper, Leah C    Member
Hon. Lagesen, Erin C    Member
Hon. Landau, Jack L    Member
Mr. Latto, Harrison     Member
Ms. Middleton, Jennifer     Member
Mr. Ming, Chin See    Member
Sands, Darin M    Member
Mr. Schuman, David     Member
Mr. Trompke, Edward H    Member
Ms. Sykora, Alycia N    Advisory Member
Mr. Reuter, Theodore William    Bar Liaison

Section Newsletters

The section newsletter is now published online and is available in pdf document format. Click on the issues below to download individual pdfs for display and printing from your browser using Adobe Acrobat Reader¨.

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