Pro Hac Vice Instructions

To the original Certificate of Compliance for Pro Hac Vice Admission, completed and signed by the out-of-state attorney, attach the following:

  1. An original, recent (dated within the last three months) Certificate of Good Standing from the Bar association or highest court in the out-of-state attorneys home jurisdiction;
  2. A certificate of insurance covering the out-of-state attorney's practice of law in this state and providing professional liability insurance which should include policy terms and deductible amount; and
  3. A check made payable to the Oregon State Bar in the amount of $500.

If you wish to expedite processing, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Please refer to UTCR 3.170 for further information regarding these requirements.

The Certificate of Compliance and attachments should be mailed to Regulatory Services at the Oregon State Bar, PO Box 231935, Tigard, OR, 97281-1935. The attachments will be retained by the Bar. The original Certificate of Compliance will be acknowledged and mailed in your return envelope, normally within 2 business days. The acknowledged Certificate of Compliance should then be attached to your motion and order to the court.

Please remember to forward to Regulatory Services a copy of the order granting pro hac vice admission when you have received it back from the court.

If you need further assistance, please contact Regulatory Services.