Potential Light Rail Impact on the OSB Center

The SW Corridor Rail Project is slated to extend MAX service from downtown Portland to Bridgeport, bringing a new public transportation option to the region. TriMet is considering Light Rail routes along SW 72nd Avenue as well as alternate routes along SW 74th Avenue. The proposed routes along SW 74th Avenue may affect the Oregon State Bar, cutting through bar property and affecting parking and other operations.

For complete and up-to-date information on meeting dates and times, as well as more details about the project, visit the TriMet website here: https://trimet.org/swcorridor/getinvolved.

Upcoming Meetings:

SW Corridor Community Advisory Committee
Thursday, May 2, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Tigard Public Works Auditorium

Update as of April 19, 2019

Because of community comments to date, details of the 74th Avenue options have shifted to accommodate community concerns. As of today, we have heard that there are two options still on the table – one along 74th and one along the original route. These are identified as options 3 (LPA At-Grade Refined) and 5 (74th Ave. Refined) in TriMet’s materials available here: 


The refined 74th option appears less problematic for the OSB than the earlier draft proposals, but it is difficult to tell at this point. We have been advised by those with experience in these types of projects that the impact on property owners often changes as parameters of the project change, and the footprint can extend considerably further than indicated in early renderings.

Because of that uncertainty, and for the following reasons, we prefer the refined LPA At-Grade route:

  1. A draft EIS has already been completed for the LPA route. Because of community concerns about the 74th Avenue option running close to Fanno Creek, TriMet recently acknowledged the likely need for a supplemental environmental impact statement. This could add to the project’s costs and timelines.

  2. The LPA route would adversely impact fewer existing businesses than the 74th Avenue route, which would result in significant displacement.

  3. Both options would provide a station within a half mile of the OSB Center. The LPA route, however, provides superior station locations for the community as a whole, which will result in increased use of the light rail.

  4. Parking at the OSB Center. Whichever route is chosen will offer the very real benefit of a transit stop close to the bar center. That will be a great new option for those who live in the Portland metro area, but not so much for those outside of the Portland metro area, who rely on adequate parking to access our services. If we lose one row of parking, we lose 34 spaces, which represents 15.9% of the total spaces for the bar center. Loss of parking spaces would likely impact use of our conference center for large seminars and meetings, which already strain our parking capacity.

Update as of April 9, 2019

TriMet is considering several alternate routes for the light rail line section of track from Bonita to Bridgeport. Here is a link to the SW Corridor documents that show the timeline and route options:


The best options for the OSB are the two LPA Options (options 2 & 3) which align with 72nd Avenue rather than 74th. Both of these 72nd Avenue alignments are closest to the original proposal that underwent two years of planning, an Environmental Impact Study, and a local approval process. The other options have not been subject to this process, and would dramatically affect the future parking situation at the OSB Center. All of the proposed route options would result in a transit station within walking distance of the bar building.

OSB Initial Response

CEO Helen Hierschbiel’s letter to the SW Corridor Light Rail Project Community Advisory Committee

More Information

TriMet is seeking public input on the different route options. If you would like to submit a comment, download the comment card here, complete it and the send your comment to Jennifer Koozer at koozerj@trimet.org. Comment cards should be submitted as soon as possible.

A final decision will be made on Monday, May 13, 2019.

For more information or questions please contact Kellie Bauman at 503.431.6376 or kbaumann@osbar.org.