Oregon State Bar Bulletin — MAY 2013

Bar Actions


Note: More than 14,000 persons are eligible to practice law in Oregon. Some of them share the same name or similar names. All discipline reports should be read carefully for names, addresses and bar numbers.

OSB #934063
Lake Oswego

On March 28, 2013, the Oregon Supreme Court issued an opinion disbarring Lake Oswego lawyer Jeffrey F. Renshaw effective May 27, 2013, for violating RPC 8.4(a)(2) (criminal conduct that reflects adversely on a lawyer’s honesty and trustworthiness) and RPC 8.4(a)(3) (conduct involving dishonesty and misrepresentation that reflects adversely on a lawyer’s fitness to practice law).

Between 2005 and 2008, Renshaw, the managing partner in a three-person law firm, knowingly converted firm funds to his own use, failed to disclose unauthorized shareholder distributions he made to himself and recorded personal expenses as firm expenses in the firm’s books.

OSB #893597
90-day suspension

Effective April 1, 2013, the disciplinary board approved a stipulation for discipline suspending Salem lawyer Anita Smith for 90 days for violations of: RPC 1.4(a) (failure to keep a client reasonably informed); RPC 1.15-1(d) (failure to promptly notify client of receipt of property); and RPC 8.1(a)(2) (failure to respond to the bar).

The violations arose out of Smith’s representation of a minor child and the child’s parent/guardian for personal injuries the minor sustained from a dog bite. The court appointed a separate guardian ad litem for the child, and in 2001, an arbitrator awarded $13,360.95 in damages and post-judgment interest. On Nov. 8, 2006, the defendant’s insurance company issued a check for $22,311.66, made payable to Smith and the guardian ad litem. Although Smith informed the guardian ad litemthat the arbitration award had been paid, she failed to promptly notify the minor’s parent that the funds had been received, that the funds had been disbursed, and the award had been satisfied. Subsequently, the guardian ad litem misappropriated the funds. After the minor’s parent complained to the bar, Smith failed to respond to inquiries from disciplinary counsel’s office.

Mitigating factors were considered in reaching this resolution. An aggravating factor also considered was that Smith was publicly reprimanded in 2003 for misconduct that included neglect of a legal matter.


On February 11, 2013, a trial panel of the Oregon State Bar Disciplinary Board dismissed a case against a Portland lawyer. The trial panel found that the bar failed to prove by clear and convincing evidence that in two client matters, the accused violated RPC 1.3 or Washington WRPC 1.3 (neglect of a legal matter); RPC 1.7(a)(2) (self-interest conflict); and RPC 8.4(a)(4) (conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.

No appeal has been filed.


The following have applied for admission under the reciprocity, house counsel or law teacher rules. The Board of Bar Examiners requests that members examine this list and bring to the board’s attention in a signed letter any information that might influence the board in considering the moral character of any applicant for admission. Send correspondence to Admissions Director, Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners, P.O. Box 231935, Tigard, OR 97281.

Reciprocity: Deryk Reid Lavelle; William Thomas Cornell; Megan Joyce Crowhurst; Shirley Louise Bluhm; Janis Christie Puracal; Rebeca Snow Cambreleng; Shon Cordia Ramey; Christine Anne Slattery; Paul Anthony Hood; Ryan John Hesselgesser; Gano Dominic Lemoine; and Erik Samson Bakke Sr.

In-House Counsel: Jason Alan Catz.

Notice of Reinstatement Application
The following attorneys have filed an application for reinstatement as an active member of the Oregon State Bar pursuant to Rule of Procedure (BR) 8.1:

Barbara Jane League of Seattle, #005006. Barbara Jane League transferred to inactive status in 2004 because she had moved to Florida. (She is also an inactive member of the Georgia and West Virginia bars.) She was admitted to the Florida bar in 2004 and practiced business and real estate law in Jacksonville. Last March, League moved from Florida to Washington to join Foster Pepper’s Seattle offices. She plans to remain with that firm following her reinstatement.

Jonathan P. Sushida of Japan, #031469. Jonathan Sushida is currently serving a three-year disciplinary suspension. In re Sushida, 24 DB Rptr 58 (2010). He relocated from Oregon to Japan in 2009, where he presently teaches English and business. Sushida has no plans to return to Oregon or the practice of law if reinstated.

The Rules of Procedure require the Board of Governors to conduct an investigation of BR 8.1 reinstatement applications to determine whether applicants possess the good moral character and general fitness to practice law and whether the resumption of the practice of law in this state by the applicants will not be detrimental to the administration of justice or the public interest. Any person with information relevant to these applications is asked to contact promptly the OSB Regulatory Services Division, P.O. Box 231935, Tigard, OR 97281; phone: (503) 620-0222, or toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260), ext. 343.

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