Oregon State Bar Bulletin — OCTOBER 2012


About Those Pin-Up Photos

I am disappointed by the inclusion of the revealing photos of paralegal Mary McCourt and attorney Leta Gorman in their recent bar Bulletin profiles (Profiles in the Law, June 2012 and August/September 2012, respectively). While their extracurricular activities and dancers may be interesting to read about, it was shocking to see these activities illustrated by such provocative “pin-up”-style photos in the center spread of a professional magazine. As a woman, I hope to see other female attorneys respected for their brains rather than their bodies. As a lawyer, I was embarrassed to be introduced to two of my colleagues while they were wearing what is essentially underwear.

I notice that the Bulletin has not featured any photos of shirtless male lawyers, or male lawyers in Spandex or Speedo briefs, engaging in such “empowering” activities. That’s a relief; at least male lawyers can still get featured in the magazine without showing some skin.

Joanna M. Wagner, Portland

Editor’s note: Over the years, Profiles in the Law has covered all manner of lawyers’ outside interests, pretty much nearly all of which involved street clothes. For the record, the Bulletin has in the past featured one bare-chested male swimmer and a bar president in jogging shorts. In every case, we should point out, the photos were selected by the profile subjects themselves and published with their permission and encouragement.


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