Oregon State Bar Bulletin — MAY 2012
CLE Seminars

Handling a Foreclosure Case
Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
15.5 general CLE credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Tigard

The numbers of homeowners facing or who are in foreclosure are staggering. As the mortgage crisis peaks and blooms, misinformation fuels pro se suits, which in turn burden the courts and lead to layperson legal bungles. Consumers who are losing their homes could greatly benefit from legal advice, and attorneys new to the profession or who are growing their practice need legal experience. For an unprecedented registration rate of $20 (early registration), this two-day, information-rich seminar will provide strategies from experienced homeowners’ and lenders’ counsel and insight from judges, housing counselors and the Oregon Dept. of Justice. Topics include case assessment, practical considerations, mediation, civil procedure and case/client management basics. With lunch provided both days and a networking social at the conclusion of the first day, there will be plenty of time to learn from the experts and meet others who share an interest in foreclosure cases. Cosponsored by the Oregon Department of Justice, the Federal Bar Association and the OSB New Lawyers Division and OSB CLE Seminars.

Ast (6/21-22) Bend (6/14-15) CB (6/14-15) Eug (6/21-22) GP (6/14-15) HR (6/14-15) Klam (6/14-15) LG (6/14-15) Med (6/21-22) New (6/21-22) Pend (6/21-22) Red (6/21-22) Rose (6/14-15) Salem (6/14-15) Tig (6/27-28) Vale (6/14-15)

Bankruptcy Basics: The ABCs of Filing Chapter 13
Friday, June 15, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
7.25 general CLE or practical skills credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Tigard

From attorney fees to balloon payments to confirmation, this seminar will provide an in-depth look at handling Chapter 13 cases. Our experts will deconstruct the filing process and examine specific components to strengthen your representation of clients during bankruptcy. Hear from Portland and Eugene Chapter 13 trustees and practitioners as they share the procedures, calculations and forms particular to the two courts. Using hypotheticals, you’ll see what a solid plan looks like, as well as plans with errors that could delay or derail the filing. Gain detailed and practical information that will improve your bankruptcy competency immediately. Co-sponsored by the OSB Debtor-Creditor Section.

Ast (8/10) Bend (8/3) CB (8/3) Eug (8/10) GP (8/2) HR (8/3) Klam (8/3) LG (8/3) Med (8/10) New (8/10) Pend (8/10) Red (8/10) Rose (8/2) Salem (8/3) Tig (8/15) Vale (8/3)

Legal Publications

Free BarBooks Webinars
Do you ever wonder while you're using BarBooks if there's a shortcut or better way of searching? Attend a free BarBooks webinars by telephone and your computer — the one-hour sessions cover the nuts and bolts of getting the most out of your BarBooks member benefit. This live webinar allows you to also ask questions via the simultaneous phone conference. Email Linda Kruschke at lkruschke@osbar.org for conference attendance information; include your full name, your six-digit bar number, and email address in the body of the message. You will then be emailed a link to the webinar session as well as the phone number for the audio portion. Registration is limited to 100 attendees per session. This training session has been approved for 1 practical skills MCLE credit.

Upcoming BarBooks Webinars
May 18, 1-2p.m.
June 12, noon-1 p.m.

Titles Now Available on BarBooks
What's new at BarBooks, your member resource written by and for Oregon lawyers:
• Oregon Civil Pleading and Practice, 2012 revision
• Two revised Criminal Jury Instructions new since the release of the 2011 supplement:
    - UCrJI No. 2412 — Possession of a Firearm by a Felon
    - UCrJI No. 2413 — Felon in Possession of a Restricted Weapon
• Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions, 2011 supplement
• Labor and Employment Law: Public Sector, 2011 revision
• Oregon Statutory Time Limitations, PLF publication.
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June 1
Including Pets in Your Estate Plan: Providing for Fido and Fluffy

June 7 & 8
12th Annual Oregon Tax Institute

June 22
Advanced Estate Administration

June 28
Lawyers for Veterans: Handling VA Benefits Claims

June 29
Litigating an Elder Abuse Case

July 13
Workplace Fraud and Forensics: Ferreting Out the Facts

July 20
Handling Domestic Relations Cases

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