Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JULY 2012
CLE Seminars

Workplace Fraud and Forensics: Ferreting Out the Facts
Friday, July 13, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
6.25 general CLE credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Tigard

Nearly every business is exposed to the risk of fraud. A fragile economy and pressure to improve profits only complicate matters. Fraud schemes in the workplace often continue for years before detection. The typical fraud lasts two years from the time it begins until it is caught. Workplace fraud reduces operating revenue, erodes profits and can spell ruin for a company’s reputation. The effects are devastating. Our expert faculty will spend the day on the finer points of workplace fraud, including how to conduct a background investigation and how to gather evidence when fraud is suspected. Participants will receive insight about the workplace fraud profile — who are the perpetrators — and how to detect and prevent fraud. Gain an understanding of computer forensics and how advanced Internet searches can aid in business and individual background checks. Valuable information will be shared to prevent, reduce and eliminate fraud in the workplace.

Ast (8/31) Bend (8/24) CB (8/24) Eug (8/31) GP (8/23) HR (8/24) Klam (8/24) LG (8/24) Med (8/31) New (8/31) Pend (8/31) Red (8/31) Rose (8/23) Salem (8/24) Tig (9/5) Vale (8/24)

Handling Domestic Relations Cases
Friday, July 20, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
4.25 general CLE or practical skills credits and 2 ethics credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Tigard

When the dissolution of a marriage becomes inevitable, you need to focus on the process rather than the case law. This seminar will guide you step-by-step through the divorce process. Learn everything from where the courthouse is located, and what to file from the initial petition through the entry of a judgment. Forms, which are essential to domestic relations cases, are part of the course materials and will reflect recent legislative changes. Our faculty members, Paul Saucy, Joshua Kadish and Ruth Pekelder, are seasoned Oregon family law practitioners with 93 collective years of experience. Their real-life practice approach allows you to bring home ideas and put them to use the very next day. This seminar will be of interest to attorneys who: are new to the practice of family law; require a domestic relations refresher course; want the latest on recent legislative changes, including court rule mandates and changes; and need updated forms. Seminar materials include updated forms that reflect recent legislative changes, with electronic forms for petition, temporary motions, discovery-related documents, uniform support declaration, letters to clients and others, and orders and judgments.

Ast (8/24) Bend (8/17) CB (8/17) Eug (8/24) GP (8/16) HR (8/17) Klam (8/17) LG (8/17) Med (8/24) New (8/24) Pend (8/24) Red (8/24) Rose (8/16) Salem (8/17) Tig (8/29) Vale (8/17)

Legal Publications

Coming this Fall - Torts, 2012 Revision
Completely revised, the Torts 2-volume set will help you plead — or defend — your case, from black-letter law and case citations to analysis and commentary from Oregon's foremost tort law experts. Topics include: intentional torts; sexual misconduct; defamation and invasion of privacy; negligence; malpractice; products liability; toxic torts; liquor liability; commercial torts; wrongful death; claims against governmental bodies; statutory torts; statutes of limitations and repose; vicarious liability; joint tortfeasors; and indemnity and contribution. The revision will include 2012 legislation.

Titles Now Available on BarBooks
What's new at BarBooks, your member resource written by and for Oregon lawyers:

• Health Law: Chapter 5: Death, Anatomical Gifts and Physician-Assisted Suicide; Chapter 7: Long-Term Care Facilities; Chapter 11: Tax Exempt Financing; Chapter 12: Providers as Creditors; and Chapter 20: Workers' Compensation Health Benefits.
• Torts: 22 chapters have been posted to BarBooks. Check out the homepage for more up to date information. • Oregon Civil Pleadings and Practice: 2012 Revisions.
• Family Law: Chapter 4: Domestic Violence, Family Abuse Prevention Act, Stalking Protective Orders; Chapter 6: Property Rights and Division; and Chapter 10: Spousal Support.
• Oregon Civil Pleading and Practice, 2012 revision

Check out the BarBooks home page for more up-to-date information on what's new and for information on free BarBooks training opportunities. Join a free one-hour conference training session and earn one practical skills MCLE credit. This session covers the nuts and bolts of getting the most out of this member beneἀt. The next training is scheduled for Sept. 12. Contact legalpubs@osbar.org for conference attendance information.


August 10 - How to Handle a Family Law Settlement Conference

August 13-17 - Summer Online Video Week

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