Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JUNE 2011
CLE Seminars

Deposition Techniques and Strategy, with David Markowitz
Thursday, June 9, 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m.
6.25 general CLE or practical skills credits
OSB Center, Tigard

Depositions can make or break your case, and this is your chance to learn from a master. For more than 20 years, David Markowitz has been studying deposition and trial techniques and has presented dozens of seminars to improve the skills of practicing attorneys. Markowitz will share important goals to accomplish. Learn the value of question structure and how to deal with evasive and incomplete answers. The most important questions and techniques the best lawyers use will be covered, as will a key component of any deposition: knowing when to stop asking questions. Through his keen ability to communicate and persuade, Markowitz will demonstrate powerful, practical methods for getting the most out of your depositions, including the best ways to defend depositions and effectively use them at trial. Whether you are new to trial practice or want to refresh your deposition skills, this presentation by one of Oregon’s litigation lions is an opportunity not to be missed.

Ast (7/1) Bend (6/24) CB (6/24) Eug (7/1) GP (6/23) HR (6/24) Klam (6/24) LG (6/24) Med (7/1) New (7/1) Pend (7/1) Red (7/1) Rose (6/23) Salem (6/24) Tig (6/29) Vale (6/24)

Special Needs Trusts
Friday, June 10, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
4 general CLE credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Special needs trusts play a vital role in elder law and estate planning practices. Hear from the local experts on what public benefits may be available, when to use a special needs trust and how to administer a special needs trust. Gain trust drafting tips and examine how to handle personal injury cases and self-settled special needs trusts. Cosponsored by the Elder Law Section and Estate Planning and Administration Section

Ast (7/8) Bend (7/1) CB (7/1) Eug (7/8) GP (6/30) HR (7/1) Klam (7/1) LG (7/1) Med (7/8) New (7/8) Pend (7/8) Red (7/8) Rose (6/30) Salem (7/1) Tig (7/6) Vale (7/1)

Race, Class and Gender: Their Impact on Working with Diverse Clients
Friday, June 10, 1:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
3 introductory access to justice credits or 3 general CLE or access to justice credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Without an explicit awareness of the specific experiences and needs of our diverse clients and how they differ from our own experiences, we often assume that they see things through our lens. This can create misunderstandings. The history of Oregon and our laws, policies and interactions with communities of color shows strong patterns over the years, which still influence how we engage clients of color today.

Take a walk through the timeline of Oregon’s racial history to learn more about how it still impacts today’s institutions. This systemic understanding will then be applied to class, gender and other forms of nondominant culture. Learn many things about Oregon you never knew and be reminded of others you have forgotten.

Ast (7/8) Bend (7/1) CB (7/1) Eug (7/8) GP (6/30) HR (7/1) Klam (7/1) LG (7/1) Med (7/8) New (7/8) Pend (7/8) Red (7/8) Rose (6/30) Salem (7/1) Tig (7/6) Vale (7/1)

Law School to Lawyer: Starting Your Practice
Friday, June 17, 9 .a.m.-4 p.m.
3 general CLE or practical skills credits, 1.25 ethics credits, and .25 personal management credit
OSB Center, Tigard

There is nothing so complicated about practicing law that you can’t learn on the job. Like the bar exam, practicing law is about issue-spotting. You also need to appreciate how much you don’t know. This high energy, information-packed seminar will show how you can develop a successful solo practice. With more than 30 years experience as a solo, Marc Garfinkle will provide a blueprint for building a practice. Learn how to define your practice and what it takes to set up a “bare bones” office. Garfinkle will cover how to find clients and help you recognize ethical issues that may arise (also known as “Don’t learn these lessons the hard way”). You can make a living as a lawyer without getting a job, as long as you know your stuff, keep good counsel and watch your depth. You can gain experience quickly and, if done correctly, you should be able to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

This seminar is not available for on-site video replays. Register for the webcast using the “webcast” link at www.osbarcle.org and watch the video at your convenience from your computer for two months after the live seminar.

Advanced Estate Planning
Friday, June 24, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
6 general CLE credits and 1 ethics credit
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Here is a great opportunity to hear from industry experts and local practitioners on a variety of issues common to an estate planning and administration practice. Learn how thoughtful decisions can help your clients build and preserve their assets. Get the latest in trustee investing issues. Examine life insurance and its typical uses, including frequently seen problems and solutions. How to avoid a will or trust contest will be discussed, as well as ethics issues faced by estate planning attorneys. Receive an update on recent Oregon legislative changes affecting estate planning.

Ast (7/22) Bend (7/15) CB (7/15) Eug (7/22) GP (7/14) HR (7/15) Klam (7/15) LG (7/15) Med (7/22) New (7/22) Pend (7/22) Red (7/22) Rose (7/14) Salem (7/15) Tig (7/20) Vale (7/15)

CLE Publications

New at BarBooks
Check out the new information and forms posted at BarBooks, your member resource written by and for Oregon lawyers.

The forms and text have been updated for four of the chapters of Fee Agreement Compendium so that they comply with recent changes to Oregon RPCs 1.5 and 1.15-1 relating to "earned on receipt" fees. We are not republishing the print edition of Fee Agreement Compendium, so these updated fee agreement forms are only available at BarBooks.

Two Professional Liability Fund publications have been added to BarBooks, plus the forms that go with them have been posted in both Word and WordPerfect formats. The available PLF titles are: A Guide to Setting Up and Using Your Lawyer Trust Account and Planning Ahead: A Guide to Protecting Your Clients' Interests in the Event of Your Disability or Death.

Editing the new revision of Construction Law is under way; some of the revised chapters, plus some revised forms at BarBooks, are already posted. Check out the BarBooks homepage for a list of which speciἀc chapters have been completed. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the print book when it is done, keep an eye out for our pre-order offer via email.


July 18
Understanding Financial Statement:
A Business Road Map When Worlds Collide – The Government Knocks on the Corporate Door

July 15
Powerful Motion Practice

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