Oregon State Bar Bulletin — DECEMBER 2011


Leading the Way
Working Together with Banks, Oregon Lawyers Create a Model for the Rest of the Country to Make the Most of IOLTA Revenues
By Cliff Collins

Behind the Discrimination Lawsuit
What Employment Laws
Do for Community

By Jeffrey Jones


Bar Counsel
The Spirit of Giving: Pitfalls of Gift-giving and Free Advice
By Amber Hollister

The Legal Writer
Web-based Authorities: Reliable Resources for the Wired Writer
By Elizabeth Ruiz Frost

Slingshots: A Few of My Favorite Smartphone Apps
By Robert J. Ambrogi

Profiles in the Law
From Sea to Shining Sea: By Bicycle, Nancy ­Campbell and Dana Barnes Take a "Trip of a Lifetime"
By Susan Elizabeth Reese

Law & Life
A Christmas Story: Crime and Punishment in
Rural Oregon

By Hon. David Gernant

On Professionalism
Professional Goldfish: Yearning for a Higher Standard
By Rachael Federico

Parting Thoughts
PERS and Judicial Independence
By Daniel Re




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When bank interest rates bottomed out at the end of 2008, the impact was felt in Oregon in ways that many lawyers were not aware of. Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA), which supply direct funding to support legal aid in the state, were hit hard: revenues fell by 75 percent in just four years. In response, the Oregon Law Foundation is now trying to convince lawyers and firms, "Where you bank does matter," as Cliff Collins reports.