Oregon State Bar Bulletin — NOVEMBER 2010


The Ins & Outs of In-house
Hard Work, Long Hours Go Hand in Hand with Advising Companies
By Cliff Collins

Culture of Awareness
By Melody Finnemore


Bar Counsel
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: How to End a Relationship, Part II
By Scott Morrill

The Legal Writer
Readers Write:
Two More Years
with Legal Writers

By Suzanne E. Rowe

Is Blogging Dead?:
These Blawgs Prove Not

By Robert J. Ambrogi

Profiles in the Law
A Shared Journey:
Chanpone Sinlapasai
Works to Ease
Resettlement for Other

By Melody Finnemore

Managing Your Practice
Can We Collaborate?
What Today's Collaboration
Tools Can Do for You and
Your Clients

By Sheila Blackford

From The President
Forward Thinking: Thoughts on Sustainability, Mentoring and Access to Justice
By Kathleen Evans

Parting Thoughts
Stuck in the Middle with You
By Blair Bobier




Bar Notes
Bar News

Bar Actions

Bar People
Among Ourselves
In Memoriam


Corporate law may not inspire creation of television
dramas such as "Perry Mason" or "Matlock," but
the portion of the bar that works either as in-house
attorneys or in a firm while advising companies plays
an important role in making businesses succeed
and prosper. According to those who practice in the
field, it is a challenging one and requires thorough
knowledge of a particular industry or company, as
Cliff Collins reports.