Oregon State Bar Bulletin — MAY 2010


Fluid Body of Law
From Maritime Statutes of Old to Developments in Wave and Tidal Energy, Ocean Law Continues to Evolve
By Melody Finnemore

Judges and Lawyers
in Partnership

The Practical Rationale for Professionalism
By Hon. John V. Acosta and Richard J. Vangelisti

A Judge’s Perspective

By Hon. John V. Acosta


Bar Counsel
Scammers Take Aim at Lawyers: How to Avoid Becoming the Next Victim
By Helen Hierschbiel

The Legal Writer
Taskus Interruptus: Good Writing Requires Concentration
By M.H. Sam Jacobson

Four Unique Sites: New Launches at LegalTech
By Robert J. Ambrogi

Profiles in the Law
Helping the World by “Showing Up”: Robert Newell Has an Eye for Mercy
By Cliff Collins

Legal Practice Tips
Shareholder Disputes: A Statutory Escape Route
By Susan Marmaduke

Managing Your Practice
Full Circle: Alternative Pricing
By Ed Wesemann

Law & Life
Get Unwired or Come Unglued: Work-Life Balance? What Balance?
By Sharon D. Nelson &
John W. Simek

Parting Thoughts
The Safety Net
By Joseph J. Haddad




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Ocean law not only encompasses maritime statutes that have governed shipping routes, fishing rights and coastal boundaries for hundreds of years, it has evolved to include environmental considerations such as the protection of marine life, enforcement of pollution cleanup and guidance on scientific research. More recently, ocean law plays a key role in the development of alternative energy, the protection of national security and the exploration of new frontiers opening up because of global warming, as Melody Finnemore reports.