Oregon State Bar Bulletin — AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2010


Body of Evidence
Missing and Misunderstood Evidence Creates Legal Issues
By Janine Robben

Work Shifts
Impending Changes in Employment Law Put Businesses and Lawyers on Alert
By Melody Finnemore

Atticus Finch:
In Your Own Words The Influence of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Resonates Still
By Cliff Collins


Bar Counsel
There Oughtta Be a Rule
(But There Isn't)

By Sylvia Stevens

The Legal Writer
Are You Dense? Editing
Obtuse Writing

By M.H. Sam Jacobson

Sites That Simplify: Save Time
and Some Money

By Robert J. Ambrogi

Profiles in the Law
Life Lessons: Lana Traynor
Rides High After
Surmounting Painful

By Melody Finnemore

Managing Your Practice
Unbundling in the 21st
Century: How to Reduce
Malpractice Exposure While
Meeting Client Needs

By Beverly Michaelis

Legal Practice Tips
Digging the Dirt: Digital
Tips for Employers and
Job Seekers

By Tamara Russell

President's Message
Ideas and Plans for 2010:
A Report on BarBooks,
Sustainability and More

By Kathleen A. Evans

Parting Thoughts
It's Not Easy Being an Author
By Robert Weiss




Bar Notes
Bar News

Bar Actions

Bar People
Among Ourselves
In Memoriam


Prosecutors and defense attorneys all are familiar with the practical and legal issues that arise when evidence is not collected, or is collected but lost or misinterpreted. From Oregon to Washington, D.C., these issues are currently being discussed in the unusual context of three cases that involve not only lawyers as attorneys, but lawyers as crime victims or defendants, as Janine Robben reports.