Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JULY 2009


Protecting the Protectors
The Crucial Details Every
Lawyer Needs to Know to
Safeguard the Rights of
Those in Uniform

By Janine Robben

The Right to Get Their Civilian Jobs Back
By Janine Robben

Pulling Together
During a Tough Time

Resources, Practical Advice for Coping with Loss of Work
By Cliff Collins

Self-Assessment, Networking Are Keys to Finding a Job
By Linda Green Pierce

No-Fault Default
Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

By Janine Robben


Bar Counsel
Avoid Serving Two Masters:
Take Care in Accepting Payment From Someone Other Than Your Client

By Sylvia Stevens

The Legal Writer
Running On?
Life Support for Sentences

By Suzanne E. Rowe

A Very Good Price:
10 Places to Get Free Cases

By Robert J. Ambrogi

Profiles in the Law
The Great Connector:
Don Krahmer blends vocations to bring people together

By Cliff Collins

Managing Your Practice
Sender, Beware:
E-mail Traps and Troubles

By Leonard DuBoff and Christy O. King

Legal Practice Tips
Forging a New Trail: Projecting Confidence is Critical in Turbulent Times
By David J. Dempsey

Parting Thoughts
The Rural-Urban Myth
By Carol DeHaven Skerjanec




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Among Ourselves
In Memoriam


Service members deployed for active duty have a valuable benefit in these economically troubled times: the right (with a few exceptions) to have their own or comparable civilian jobs and other benefits when they return. Janine Robben explains the statutes every Oregon lawyer must know to protect the rights of those serving in uniform.