Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JULY 2009

Bar Actions


Note: More than 13,000 persons are eligible to practice law in Oregon. Some of them share the same name or similar names. All discipline reports should be read carefully for names, addresses and bar numbers.

OSB #740070
Form B resignation

On May 14, 2009, the Oregon Supreme Court accepted the Form B resignation of Medford attorney William Dames, effective immediately.

At the time of his resignation, there was a formal proceeding pending against Dames, alleging that he had failed to timely complete a probate for several years, despite urgings from the court, the primary beneficiary and the bar, in violation of DR 6-101(B) and RPC 1.3 (neglect of a legal matter). It was also alleged that Dames made at least one false representation to the beneficiary, that he had taken action on the probate when he had not, in violation of RPC 8.4(a)(3) (misrepresentation). The bar’s complaint also alleged that Dames’ delay and disregard for court notices resulted in the need for additional involvement from and injury to the court in violation of RPC 8.4(a)(4) (conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice).

The resignation states that Dames’ client files will be turned over to Central Point attorney John Curtis.

OSB #962708
60-day suspension

On April 22, 2009, the disciplinary board approved a stipulation for discipline suspending Medford lawyer John P. Eckrem for 60 days for violating RPC 1.3 (neglect of a legal matter), RPC 1.4(a) (failure to adequately communicate with a client), RPC 1.5(a) (collecting a clearly excessive fee), RPC 1.15-1(c) (failure to deposit client funds into trust), RPC 1.15-1(d) (failure to promptly deliver client property and render a full accounting) and RPC 1.16(d) (failure to properly withdraw). The suspension is effective June 21, 2009.

In July 2006, Eckrem undertook to represent a couple in an adoption matter. Pursuant to an oral agreement, the clients paid Eckrem a flat fee to complete the adoption. Eckrem failed to deposit some of the funds he received from his clients into his lawyer trust account. Between November 2006 and July 2007, Eckrem failed to pursue the adoption matter. In July 2007, the clients terminated Eckrem’s representation. Eckrem failed to notify the court that he had been terminated and failed to promptly refund unearned fees and unincurred costs.

In a second matter, Eckrem undertook to represent a client in a claim against an investment company. Eckrem failed to deposit the client’s retainer and filing fees into his lawyer trust account. Between September 2006 and the end of March 2007, Eckrem failed to communicate with his client and to pursue the matter. At the end of March 2007, Eckrem returned some file materials to his client and promised to refund the filing fees. Thereafter, Eckrem failed to promptly provide an accounting, return all file materials and refund the filing fees.

OSB #852966
Four-year suspension

Effective April 22, 2009, the Oregon Supreme Court approved a stipulation for discipline suspending Ontario lawyer Thomas K. Okai for four years for violating RPC 1.2(c) (counsel a client in illegal conduct), RPC 1.3 (neglect of a legal matter), RPC 1.4(b) (failure to adequately explain a matter to a client), RPC 1.5(a) (clearly excessive fee), RPC 1.7(a)(2) (self-interest conflict), RPC 1.15-1(c) (trust account violation), RPC 1.15-1(d) (failure to deliver client property and render an accounting), RPC 1.16(d) (failure to properly withdraw), RPC 8.1(a)(2) (failure to cooperate in a bar investigation), RPC 8.4(a)(2) (criminal conduct), RPC 8.4(a)(4) (conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice) and ORS 9.527(2) (criminal conviction).

Okai failed to appear or appeared late for certain court hearings. The court found Okai in contempt in one matter, and ordered him to pay costs and attorneys fees in another. Okai also failed to respond to the bar’s inquiries into his conduct.

Okai undertook to represent a client who had no funds to pay Okai and who was receiving treatment at a local medical facility. Okai disclosed that he illegally used prescription drugs and asked about the client’s access to prescription drugs. The client reported the conversation with Okai to law enforcement officials who conducted a sting operation in which Okai accepted prescription drugs from the client. Okai eventually pled guilty to a drug possession charge.

In a third matter, Okai neglected a client’s personal injury claim and did not adequately explain the terms of a proposed settlement to the client so she could make an informed decision. Okai received settlement funds from the opposing party, but failed to deliver them to his client for over three months. Okai also undertook to represent the client in a related matter, but failed to pursue it.

In a fourth matter, Okai undertook to represent a client in a post-conviction proceeding. Okai received funds from the client’s parents, but failed to deposit some of the funds into trust. He later failed to render an accounting to the parents or make a refund to them.

Okai also pled guilty to other criminal charges involving passing bad checks and drug possession.

Okai has been suspended from the practice of law since July 3, 2007.


The following have applied for admission under the reciprocity, house counsel or law teacher rules. The Board of Bar Examiners requests that members examine this list and bring to the board’s attention in a signed letter any information that might influence the board in considering the moral character of any applicant for admission. Send correspondence to Admissions Director, Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners, P.O. Box 231935, Tigard, OR 97281.

Reciprocity: Julie Brewer Hamilton, Thomas R. Krider, Lori-Anne Marie Neiger, Jada Jones Quinn, Jeremy Richard Randolph, Thane Dennis Somerville, Brian Scott Sommer, Scott Gerard Wolfe Jr. and Miyuki Yoshida.

Applicants for July 2009 bar exam
The following is a list of applicants for the July 2009 Oregon bar examination. Applicants for admission to practice law in Oregon must demonstrate that they are qualified on moral character and fitness grounds. To aid the Board of Bar Examiners in its investigation of these qualifications, the following is a list of applicants who have submitted applications for the July 2009 bar exam. The board requests that members examine this list and bring to the board’s attention in a signed letter any information that might influence the board in considering the moral character of any applicant for admission. Send correspondence to Jon Benson, Executive Director, Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners, 16037 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd, PO Box 231935 , Tigard , OR 97281-1935.

Naomi Sharmaine Adams
Mark Patrick Ahlemeyer
Justin Hideki Aida
Spencer Scott Aldrich
Holly Danielle Allen
Christopher Paul Allnatt
Kelley Maureen Amburgey
David Arden Anderson
Jonathan David Anderson
Holly Rebecca Angaran
Brian Michael Anthoney
Silvana Arista
Timothy James Arkwright
Alicia May Augsburger
Anthony Reza Azadeh
David M Back
John Denver Bailey
Sarah Catherine Bain
Kathleen Michelle Baker
James Stanley Baldock
Kate Monti Barcalow
Catherine Ryan Barnard
Kevin Mills Barrett
Andrea Marie Barton
Jordan Foy Bates
Melissa Ann Bates
Marc Charles Baumgartner
Tyler Richard Beach
John Paul Beck
Angela Wall Bennett
Scott Wayne Bennett
Emma Julia Berry
Robert Brent Berselli
Joseph Andrew Bertrand
Shannon Marie Beutel
Todd Russell Bevans
Melissa Elaine Beyer
Casey Loren Bieberich
Cassidy Miguel Hines Birtley
Noah Bishop
David Olson Black, Jr.
Kathy Lynn Black
Camille Anne Blakely
James Wayne Bland
Michael Bradley Blommer
Jonathan Brent Townzen Bloomfield
Daniel Aron Bonneville
Allison Renee Boomer
Thomas Charles Borton
David Joseph Boulanger
Sarah Brooke Bow
Stephanie Nicole Bradford
Gabriel Kenton Bradley
Ethel Billie Branch
Justin Kirkegaard Brask
Andrea Janiel Breinholt
Kenneth Forrist Brittain
Jay Daniel Brody
Sandra Jean Brownlee
Paul Lawrence Bruch
Zachary Seth Brugman
Gui Isom Bryant
Lori Ann Burd
Samuel Robert Burton
Jacob Riley Bush
Edward Smith Bushnell
Jennifer Elizabeth Franks Butler
Laura Kathryn Cadiz
Charles Paul Caldwell III
Nicholas Ivan Caleb
Ian Williamson Carmany
Jamie Elise Carmichael
Dominic Mortensen Carollo
Darren Brent Carpenter
Katie Ann Carson
Stephanie Ellen Carter
Ryan Thomas Carty
Sara Avet Cassidey
Jonathan Joseph Cavanagh
Felicia Marie Chapman
Casey Christopher Charles
Crystal Starr Chase
Valerie Lynn Chermok
Nathan Ross Christensen
Katrina Jo Church
Andrew Joseph Cicerrella
Anne-Marie W Clark
Kimberly Lynne Clark
Kyle Sands
Neal Robert Clark
Michael Franklin Cleary
Elizabeth Curtis Clifford
Kelley Ann Cloyd
Carl Alan Clyde
Leah Lynette Cogswell
Adam James Cohen
Meera Sara Coilparampil
Gina Valerie Marie Colas
Justin Daniel Collins
Mark Andrew Compton
Alexandra Beth Comstock
Jack Thomas Conners
Megan Schedler Cook
Natalie Marie Cook
Joshua David Cools
Randall Edwin Cooper
Matthew David Corey
Michael Reilly Cosgrove
Ryan Allen Couch
Casey Andrew Cox
Gaylord Eric Maurice Crovetto
James Bernard Culliton
Jennifer Elizabeth Currin
Micheline Oliveira D'Angelis
Peter Anthony Daines
Samantha Rene Dashiell
Christina Lynn Davis
Patrick Edward De Klotz
Michael Christopher de la Garza
William Joseph De La Rosa
Joseph Ryan DeBin
Eric Adam DeWeese
Tracy Elizabeth Demers
Sarah Elizabeth Denner
Jeffrey Scott Dickey
Travis Rhoades Dickey
Andrew Jacob Diener
Jeremy Scott Dietrich
Margo Dobbertin
Sarah Elise Dobra
Hillary Rosetta Dobson
Rebekah L Dohrman
Dominique Del-Rato Donaho
LeeAnn Rose Donaldson
Kathryn Ann Douglass
Angela Kay Downin
Richard Michael Duignan III
Dakota McCafferty Duncan
Sandon Marcel Duncan
Kelly Irene Dunham
Kara Kathleen Dunn
Hanna Eastwood
Stephen Wynne Eberlein
Kristen Straub Edwards
Wesley Cantrell Jamieson Ehlers
Katie Marie Eichner
Sarah Margaret Einowski
David Neal Elliott
Tyler Robinson Elliott
Adam James Ellis
Kara Lynn Ellis
Kathleen McGrath Ellis
Timothy Beau Ellis
Madeline Juliette Engel
Evelyn Price English
Julie Elise Entrekin
Alec L Esquivel
Benjamin Joel Evans
Matthew William Evans
Samantha Rae Evans
Jason Ryan Faas
Shemia Patricia Fagan
Kelly Irene Fahl
Micah David Fargey
Shirley Dawn Farmer
Emily Ann Farrell
James Joseph Fees
Peter Hulsing Fehrs
Kaley Louise Fendall
Jason Howard Fieman
William Carl Fisher
James Harrison Flint
Patrick Timothy Foran
Joel Keaton Ford
David Lindstrom Fox
Sandra Dawn Fraser
Andrew David Freeman
Sarah Elisabeth Freeman
Nicholas Matthew Frost
Blake Henrie Fry
Dale Mitsuaki Fujimoto
Michael Robert Fuller
Christopher Michael Fulmer
Chimpaye Christine Furrer
Crystal Ann Gagne
Stephen Hasting Galloway
Jose Pablo Galvan
Luis Manuel Garcia
Garrett Stephen Garfield
Alice Elizabeth Garrett
Brian Craig Gates
Jeffrey Howard Gent
Sarah Laurel Gibson
George Gilbert
Elizabeth Mae Gilkey
Gavin Carmichael Gillas
Charles Hughes Gillis
Steven Edward Glista
Megan Elizabeth Gluth
David Martin Goldthorpe
Matthew Jacob Goodman
Marissa Suzanne Gordon-Nguyen
Michael Erin Gorman
Kent Nolan Graham
Cecily Elizabeth Gray
Katherine Beth Green
Megan Elizabeth Greene
Patrick Mychal Gregg
William Neil Griffin
Lee Michael Griffith
Virginia Marie Grosso
Amanda Rose Guile
Alana Jennings Guiney
Michael Andrew Haag
Alison Jane Hall Sundby
Aaron Lee Hall
David James Hall
Jay Dean Hall
Song E Han
Dane Richard Hansen
Abraham Lloyd Hanson
Allison Flinn Hanzawa
Andrew Barry Harris
Jay Matthew Harris
Matthew Shaw Harris
Erica Christine Hartman
Daniel Robert Hastings
Christopher Eugene Hayes
Edward John Healy
Melissa Jayne Healy
Lyndsey Henderson Heberling
John Randal Hemmerich
Lincoln E Herman
Ruby McKenzie Herriott
Amy Jo Heverly
Brandon James Hignite
Shae Aisha Hill
Whitney Elizabeth Tirrell Hill
Jeffry Stephen Hinman
Dianne Victoria Hippe
John Mackenzie Hogan
Joshua David Hogan
Jennifer Kay Hohnstein
Adam Ryan Hollar
Erika Lindsay Holsman
Jackie Ellen Hovey
Jarrod Frank Howard
Peter Alexander Howard
Philip Huang
Anna Shawn Hughes-Malmberg
Jessica Danielle Hunter
Spencer Kimball Hunter
Eva Beryl Huntsinger
Adelia E-Fong Hwang
Rachel Lee Hytken
Kelly Eileen Ireland
Tina Lin Izen
Emily Mae Jackson
Gregory Drew Jackson II
Michael Gerard Jacobs
Ryan Bradley James
Mathias Alfred Jaren Dr
Julie Marie Jarvis
Karthik Jayashankar
Andrew Thomas Jennings
Katie Erin Jeremiah
Andrea Marie Johnson
Curtiss Aaron Johnson
Drew Gordon Johnson
Fletcher Hodges Johnson
Ryan Marden Johnson
Levi Samuel Gatov Johnston
Caryn Christine Jones
William Morgan Jones
Melanie Lorraine Jordan
Susan Hazel Jost
Jacob Oliver Kamins
Benjamin Kaplon-Olson
Joshua Robert Karns
Kristina Ann Kayl
Brent Lee Keith
Mackenzie Skavlem Keith
Amanda Lynn Keller
Benjamin Michael Kelley
Lauren Christian Foster Kemp
Grant David Kennon
Justin Matthew Keppinger
Andrew Duncan Kerr, Jr.
David Allen Kerr
Justin Emerson Kidd
Ji Min Kim
James Andrew King
Jessica Lucy Eng King
Scott Michael Kinshella
Anya Christine Kjeldsen
Jonathan Bert Klein
Robert Michael Kobel
Jeffrey Daniel Koenig
Amber Leigh Kolsrud
John Vincent Komar
Ashley Jane Kordestani
Sandra Marie Kozlowski
Joseph Mark Kraus
Richard LeRoy Kraus
Jeffery Douglas Krebs
Jason Beau Kurland
Ian Henry Kyle
Brittney Nicole Lacy
Travis Abel Lamp
Jacob Aaron Landau
Erin Michelle Lane
Ryon Scott Lane
Jennifer Jamie Lang
Jaime Ann Langton
Benjamin Michael Larson
Bridget Ellen Lavin

Robert Le
Brian George Lee
Jongwon Lee
Rachel Catherine Lee
Shannon Marie Lee
Vanessa Adele Lee
Thomas Christopher Lenox
Eric Anthony Lentz
Cameron Levine
Kerem Murat Levitas
Donald James Lewis
Emily Ruth Lewis
David Philip Liljengren
Laura Marie Lindley-Gutierrez

Nicole Joy Lindquist
Christopher Sing Keung Ling
Jacob Michael Lingo
Michael Litvin
Hannah Michelle Livingston
Genaro Erskine Lopez
Courtney A Lords
Colin Millington Love-Geiger
Adam Christopher Lowen
Craig Vincent Lucas
Janet Lee Lucas
Ryan Dallas Lucke
Tabitha Lauren Lundberg
Poul Frederick Lundgren
Sarah Alexis Lundstedt
Nicole S Lynch
Aubrey Dean Lyon
Kirk Benny Maag
Glenn Gordon MacLeod
Lauren Mary MacNeill
Alan Michael Macchiavello
Matthew Bailey Mader
Erica Ann Maharg
Steven Denny Maison
Yevgeniy Malashenok
Suzana Malek
Angela Marie Mallory
Kathleen Marie Maloney-Dunn
Tyler Paul Malstrom
Michael James Mangan
Sarah Christina Mann
Colleen Elizabeth Maring
Katherine Lynne Marlink
Chad Thomas Marriott
Luis Enrico Martin del Campo
Jacob Isaac Martinez
Laura D Mason
James Samuel Matti
Robert Lloyd Mauger, Jr.
Ryan David Maughn
Michael A Mayhall
David Lee McClard
Kevan James McCulloch
Heather Lynn McDougall
Ryan David McGraw
Mark Jacob McLaughlin
Sean Douglas McLean
Westin Thomas McLean
Rayney Kathryn Meisel
Hannah Virginia Meisen-Vehrs
Joel D Mellor
Matthew Todd Merriman
Orca Zane Merwin
Katie Lynn Meyer
Alex James Mickelson
Pamela Milan
Allison Marie Miles
Abby Kaylan Miller
Lisa Feuerstein Miller
April Miller-LePage
Brandon Harter Mills
Elizabeth Joan Minnick
Max John Mizejewski
Karen Jessica Mockrin
Oritsejemine Eurania Mode
Kaitlan N Monroe
Kristen Angela Monsell
Geoffrey Randall Montagne
Kali Nicole Montague
Tara Danielle Moore
Shaun Mary Morgan
Parker Blayne Morrill
Jeremy J Morrow
Elizabeth Shroyer Moseley
Thomas Keola Nye Moseman
David Anthony Moser
Gabriel Elias Moses
Heather Marie Moss
Usman Azeez Mughal
Sherrie Ann Munson
Siobhan Meegan Murphy
Megan Aimee Murray
Andrew Joseph Myers
Jeffrey Alan Myers
Rayth Travis Myers
Michael Anthony Nelson
Andrew Walker Newsom
Wesley Edward Nicholson, Jr.
Eric Lee Niemeyer
Amir Hossein Nikoupour
Amber Leigh Norling
Keaton Matthew Norquist
Amy Diane Nourse
Laurel Anne Nugent
Timothy James O'Donnell
Jared Allen Ogdon
Rachel Kathleen Oh
Christine Renee Olson
Jesse Cole Ormond
Laura Ann Osseck
Alison Marie Osterberg
Olufunmike Rowoli Owoso
Daniel Henry Pachico
Christopher Bradley Page
Pamela Joy Paluga
James Andreas Papachristopoulos
Melissa Leigh Parker
Jacob Dillon Parks
Kevin Elliott Parks
William Lee Parks
Paul John Hosea Paschelke
James William Pasterczyk
Erin Elizabeth Patterson
Jennifer Lynn Peckham
Garren Michael Pedemonte
James Joseph Pedrojetti
Catriona Margaret MacLaine Penfield
Gregorio Aron Perez-Selsky
Stephen Blacksher Pettey
Ada Hau Phamdo
Andrew Joseph Phelps
Christine Sonya Phillips
Helen Emmeline Pihlstrom
Ian John Pisarcik
Ryan William Podlesnik
Joshua Paul Pond
Caroline Joan Ponzini
Tracy Ann Postlewaite
John Campbell Powell
Michael Vincent Pratt
Emilee Suzanne Preble
Emily Jean Pringle
Tatjana Taubert Queener
William Michael Quillen
Stephen Andrew Raher
Zachary Paul Raidmae
Eliot Vaughn Rasmussen
Herbert Scott Rawitscher
Christopher Lee Ray
Michael Adam Reichert
Brook Barber Reinhard
Denise Alayne Reisner
Jeffrey Carl Rhoades
Kimberlee Charnell Rhodes
Jeffrey Wilson Richards
James Michael Richardson III
Maura Beth Richardson
Cara Jeanne Richter
William Kenneth Richter
Kelly Sechrengost Riggs
Richard Perry Roberson Jr
Michael Patrick Robertson
Kent Sanford Robinson II
Shelby Elizabeth Robinson
Joseph Richard Romaker
Caleb John Rosenau
Christopher Caleb Rosin
Cheyenne E Ross
Elizabeth Alexander Ross
Ranene Reynoso Royer
Allison Jill Ruecker
Joseph Dimas Rueda, Jr.
Elizabeth Susan Ruiz
Calon Nye Russell
Robert Jeremy Rust
Dorothy Roseanne Ryan
Mae Lee Sader
Thalia Adams Sady
Olga A Salyuk
Amreet Sandhu
Laura Marie Sankey
Susan Maureen Scanlan
Stephen Thomas Schima
Andrew Ian Schlegel
Andrea Ruth Schmidt
Troy Parker Schmidt
Scott Phillip Schneider
Ali David Seals
Matthew Thomas Sears
Amy Elizabeth Seely
Franklin Jason Seibert
Reid Akira Seino
Rachele Rae Selvig
Matthew Jon Semritc
Anne Elaine Senters
Joseph Edward Serres
Gregory Paul Shabram
Mark Corey Sherman
Adrian Busch Sherrill
Michael Aaron Shurtleff
Peter Francis Simons
Richard Bryce Sinner
Phil N Skinner
Theofanis George Skourtis
Troy Martin Slonecker
Carolina Slythe
Michelle Erin Smith
Jay Richard Smith-Hill
Brian Thomas Sniffen
Erin Janiece Snyder
David Christopher Sorek
Matthew KeoKoa Krieger Sorensen
Paul Justin Carlos Southwick
Rachel Katherine Sowray
Alexander Drake Spalding
Paul Richard McKenzie Spencer
Luke Adam Stanton
Eileen Michelle Sterlock
Michael Steven Sterner
Joanna Rosa Stevason
Michael Owen Stevens
Michael Robert Stirling
Benjamin Curtis Stoller
Mark Phillips Strandberg
Todd Alan Struble
Shelly Ann Strunk
David Svelund
Dustin Robert Swanson
Erik Wayne Swanson
Marnie Marie Sweat
Matthew Miles Sweeney
Caroline Jane Swindell
Michelle Mariko Taira
Nanina Dekyi Takla
Justina Leilani Tate
Avalyn Christine Taylor
Robert Alan Taylor
Tyrone Nevin Taylor
Adam Ririe Thayne
Sheila Dawn Thomas-Benson
Leslie Anne Thompson
Iris Kersting Tilley
Richard James Tine
Elissa Ann Tisdahl
Claire Elizabeth Tonry
Matthew Lawson Tracey
Benjamin Richard Tramposh
Jeffrey Kim Traylor
David Shawn Turk
Michael John Turner
Sophia S Tzeng
Caitlin James Upshaw
Kelli Suh Paulson Utrecht
Jeanette Anderson Vaccaro
Elizabeth Marie Valente
Darci G Van Duzer
Laura Nicole van Enckevort
Jonathan Tyler Van Heel
Mark Christopher Van Ness
Jeremy Lynn Vandehey
Mark Allan Vawter
Alicia Kae Vial
Alfredo Villanueva
Jean Ann Vivian
Man Minh Vu
Christine Ann Waichunas
Brian Jeffrey Walker
Paula Manette Walker
Alexander James Wall
Stephanie Shoshana Wallick
Emery Yeehsiung Wang
Jennifer Nicole Wang
Rebecca Lynn Wareham Portlock
Traci Lynn Warner
Meghan Eileen Warning
Jeanette Nicole Warren
Steven Gray Watkins
Susan Watkins
Elizabeth Evalyn Weaver
Elizabeth Nichole Webb
Matthew Graham Wells
Caitlin Marie Welter
Ellen Yau Welter
Jill Marie Weygandt
Marcus Ryan Whitney
Diana Marie Wiener Rosengard
Ashlee Rochelle Wiese
Lauren Andrea Wiggins
Alison Frances Swap Wilkinson
Sara Catherine Williams
Laura Jane Williamson
Nicole Simone Willis
Charles John Wilson
Erik Michael Wilson
Dawn Elaine Winalski
Eric Woods Winn
Percy Wise
Kristofer Jacob Womack
Alan Kamal Wood
Brook Douglas Wood
Dylan Campbell Woodbury
Chad Knight Woodward
Michael Steven Wyatt
Charles Yer Yang
Julie Hye Un Yi
Rita Delavore Yonkers
Brant Kazuhiko Yoshimoto
Virginia Elizabeth Yost
Peter Yu
John Walter Zaskiewicz
Tiffany Heather Zinter
Hunter Boyd Zook

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