Oregon State Bar Bulletin — DECEMBER 2009
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New BOG Members for 2010
Results for the 2010 Board of Governors election were announced on October 20. The newly elected Region 5 board members are Michael E. Haglund and Ethan D. Knight. Derek C. Johnson of Region 2 ran uncontested. The new public member is Maureen O’Connor from Portland. Each new board member will take office on Jan. 1, 2010, and serve a four-year term.

2010 ONLD Executive Committee Elected
Next year’s executive committee officers of the Oregon New Lawyers Division include Jessica L. Cousineau, chair; Tamara L. Gledhill, chair-elect; Ross M. Williamson, past chair; David Eder, secretary; Jason E. Hirshon, treasurer. Members of next year’s executive committee are Anne E. Arathoon, Marc A. Johnston, Jamie Hazlett, Nancy B. Biller and
0Ashlee Sorber.

No More Certificate Stickers with OSB Dues Mailings
The Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners recently decided to stop producing certificates for new bar members as a way to reduce expenses. In the past, the OSB mailed out stickers with the annual dues notifications that could be affixed to these certificates to reflect the current year. But because of the BBX decision, the bar will no longer be mailing the stickers.

The Pro Bono Roll Call Is Here
This time of year is known as the season of giving, and what better way for a lawyer to give than via pro bono work for needy Oregonians? If you have been working throughout the year on pro bono cases, we encourage you to visit www.osbar.org/probono/reporting.html to learn how to report those hours to the bar.

Reporting forms are due by Jan. 31, 2010, to be considered for this year’s Pro Bono Roll Call.

If you haven’t had the chance to help anyone in need this year, you’ve still got a bit of time left. Contact information for local agencies can be found at the link above.

New Program Addresses Foreclosure Crisis
According to a recent study by the Brennan Center for Justice, a substantial number of American homeowners live below the poverty level and do not have the benefit of legal counsel In response to the foreclosure crisis, Legal Aid Services of Oregon has announced the creation of OFLAP, the Oregon Foreclosure Legal Assistance Project, to help low-income Oregonians save their homes from foreclosures.

Under a contract with the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department, legal aid will be able to help clients navigate the complicated landscape of laws relating to mortgages and foreclosure.

“Housing issues have always been a high priority for legal aid,” says Tom Matsuda, executive director of Legal Aid. “Because of the mortgage crisis, we know there are more indigent individuals and families fighting to keep their homes and their families intact.”

Leslie Kay, director of the Multnomah County office of Legal Aid, which houses OFLAP, lays out the program’s mission: “We hope to help clients save their home or at least understand their options when facing foreclosure.”

At least through Dec. 31, OFLAP can help homeowners only if they are first referred to legal aid by a qualified HUD-certified housing counseling agency. For more information, contact Sandra Hansberger, (503) 295-8442.

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