Oregon State Bar Bulletin — APRIL 2009

Musician Thomas Lauderdale
to Benefit Legal Scholarship

Portland musician Thomas Lauderdale will perform at "A Class Act," the 15th annual benefit for the Bill & Ann Shepherd Legal Scholarship Fund of Equity Foundation. The benefit will be held on Friday, April 24th, at The Old Church, 1422 S.W. 11th Ave., in Portland. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show starts at 8:00 p.m.

Fifty minutes of classical music will be followed by a reception showcasing pastries from some of Portland’s finest sweeteries, including Piece of Cake, Holiday Essence Quality Cake Shop, and Little T’s American Bakery. Tickets are $50, and are available at Funny Bone/Balloons on Broadway, 617 S.W. Washington, or online at www.OGALLA.org. For more information, call (503) 286-1752.

Shepherd Scholars, the beneficiaries of the benefit, are third- and fourth-year law students dedicated to donating part of their legal expertise to fighting bigotry and discrimination, particularly in the area of sexual orientation.

New Pamphlet: "Putting Children First"
Child Centered Solutions, a charitable organization that focuses on protecting the rights of children in high-conflict domestic relations cases, has created a new pamphlet to help families focus on the needs of kids. "Putting Children First" discusses several important topics such as preparing children for a divorce, creating a parenting plan and handling conflict. It also provides references to books and websites that can provide further advice and instruction.

The pamphlet can be ordered from the Child Centered Solutions website at www.childcenteredsolutions.org for $3 each (to cover printing costs) or for a discounted rate if purchased in bulk.

New Hours for Eugene Courthouse Drop-In Childcare
The Relief Nursery at the downtown courthouse in Eugene has expanded its hours to better help local families. Parents who need to do business with the court can drop off children on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for free. The Relief Nursery is open from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on these days.

Childcare for other times/days can be arranged by appointment. For more information, please call (541) 343-9706.

Grow Your Practice with "Great Lawyering" Book
The revamped 2009 edition of "The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering," which shows lawyers how they can keep current clients and grow their practices, is now available at www.greatlawyeringbook.com.

With law firms facing unprecedented competition, this pocket-sized book is timely reading for every lawyer, says author James A. Durham, who has been a both a practicing lawyer and a purchaser of legal services. According to Durham, top rainmakers aren’t master schmoozers or salesmen. Instead, they know how clients define a great lawyer and they fulfill their clients’ expectations.

A single copy of the book costs $11.95 plus shipping and handling. Substantial discounts are available for orders of 10 or 50 copies at www.greatlawyeringbook.com.

2009 InnovAction Awards
Nominations are now being accepted for the InnovAction Awards — a worldwide search for lawyers, law firms and other deliverers of legal services who are currently engaged in some extraordinarily innovative efforts. The goal is to demonstrate to the legal community what can be created when passionate professionals, with big ideas and strong convictions, are determined to make a difference. Each year InnovAction Awards are presented to those unsung heroes and rising stars within the legal profession who dare to think differently and succeed by doing so.

For the first time, the InnovAction Awards will present honorable mentions to entries that have taken an existing innovation in the practice of law, transformed it in a unique and valuable way and made it better than before. The 2009 InnovAction Award winners will receive their awards at the College of Law Practice Management’s Inaugural Futures Conference to be held in conjunction with the College’s Annual Meeting in Denver on Sept. 25 and 26, 2009.

The deadline for InnovAction applications is June 1, 2009. Early bird (reduced application fee) deadline is May 1, 2009. For more information, visit www.innovactionaward.com.

About the Google Class Action Settlement
The Oregon State Bar has received a notice regarding the Google Books class action settlement.

If you have written one or more chapters included in one or more books published by the OSB Legal Publications Department, you retain your individual copyright to any chapter(s) you have written for us. The Oregon State Bar is planning to remain in the settlement (and do nothing) with regard to the collected works we publish. The deadline to object or opt out of this settlement is May 5, 2009.

For more information, including the full notice, visit www.googlebooksettlement.com.

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