Oregon State Bar Bulletin — OCTOBER 2008
CLE Seminars

Microsoft Word 2007 for the Law Office
Thursday, Oct. 9, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
6.5 general or practical skills credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Tigard

This seminar teaches and demonstrates effective techniques for creating standard and complex legal documents in the demanding law office environment. Techniques are illustrated using practice-specific forms and other legal materials. Working with words and documents is a skill every attorney needs. This course helps the attorney master this essential practice tool. The course also discusses the need to protect confidential client information and how to follow safe computer practices.

Ast (1/23) Bend (1/16) CB (1/16) Eug (1/23) GP (1/15) HR (1/16) Klam (1/16) LG (1/16) Med (1/23) New (1/23) Pend (1/23) Red (1/23) Rose (1/15) Salem (1/16) Tig (1/21) Vale (1/16)

Civil Rights and the First Amendment
Friday, Oct.10, 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m.
6 general CLE credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

The scope of the First Amendment is staggering. From politics to protests, the First Amendment touches individuals in a number of ways. The Civil Rights Section brings together a diverse group of experts to explore the First Amendment and its intersection with civil rights. The program starts with an overview of the First Amendment, followed by a discussion about the effects of the amendment on political speech and lobbying. First Amendment discrimination claims and protestor rights will be examined as well as whistle-blowing claims and defenses. Finish the day by learning what the First Amendment means to public employees and higher education after Garcetti v. Ceballos. Cosponsored by the Civil Rights Section.

Ast (11/14) Bend (11/7) CB (11/7) Eug (11/14) GP (11/6) HR (11/7) Klam (11/7) LG (11/7) Med (11/14) New (11/14) Pend (11/14) Red (11/14) Rose (11/6) Salem (11/7) Tig (11/12) Vale (11/7)

Fundamentals of Real Estate & Land Use
Friday, Oct. 17, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
7 general CLE credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Both the real estate market and Oregon’s land use system have experienced significant changes in the last few years. This information-packed seminar will provide a solid foundation on a variety of topics for attorneys entering a real estate or land use practice, or serve as a great refresher course for more experienced practitioners with existing or potential land use or real estate client concerns. Gain an understanding of: the basics of a land use hearing and how it differs from a court trial; how to prepare for a hearing; using experts; and how to file an appeal. Learn how easements are created and how they can be eliminated. Examine the perspectives of a landlord and tenant in a commercial lease. Hear how bankruptcy affects real estate and alternatives to bankruptcy, and discover how to negotiate purchase and sale agreements in commercial real estate transactions. Cosponsored by the Real Estate and Land Use Section.

Ast (11/21) Bend (11/14) CB (11/14) Eug (11/21) GP (11/13) HR (11/14) Klam (11/14) LG (11/14) Med (11/21) New (11/21) Pend (11/21) Red (11/21) Rose (11/13) Salem (11/14) Tig (11/19) Vale (11/14)

Essential Issues for LLCs and Other Limited Liability Entities
Friday, Oct. 24, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
5.75 general CLE credits and
1 ethics credit
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Savvy attorneys know that selecting the right business entity is important for their client. This seminar provides the latest information on limited liability entities, including an overview of the different types of entities and a comparison between LLCs and LLPs. An experienced tax practitioner will discuss the tax implications of using LLCs, and you will also learn about the fiduciary duties of managers and members. Gain tips for reducing and resolving disagreements from one of the bar’s most experienced mediators, while an ethics expert will address ethical issues that business practitioners face. Take an in-depth look at how to maintain and manage an LLC, and tackle estate planning considerations for LLC operating agreements. Special lunch guest speaker Gary Berne, a securities litigator with Stoll Berne, will share what happens when an LLC is inadvertently turned into a security — both the consequences and the cure.

Ast (12/12) Bend (12/5) CB (12/5) Eug (12/12) GP (12/4) HR (12/5) Klam (12/5) LG (12/5) Med (12/12) New (12/12) Pend (12/12) Red (12/12) Rose (12/4) Salem (12/5) Tig (12/10) Vale (12/5)

Municipal Sustainability Projects: The Harnessing of Sun, Surf and Water
Friday, Oct. 31, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
6 general CLE credits
Salem Conference Center, Salem

Renewable energy takes the lead in this seminar, which starts with an overview of our local governments’ public policy choices and role in the sustainability movement. Gain an understanding of the challenges and benefits of municipal third-party solar projects. Take an in-depth look into the feasibility of wind projects, including site location and development, the challenges of construction and community relations, and the rewards of stable prices and environmental benefits. Examine the relationship between governmental entities and private parties by looking at key financial incentives for renewable energy projects. Case studies will demonstrate how treated wastewater is recycled for irrigation use by a variety of enterprises, such as golf courses and a cattle ranch. Complete the day by learning how Oregon’s powerful coastal waters can provide a potentially endless source of wave energy. Cosponsored by the Government Law Section.

Ast (1/16) Bend (1/9) CB (1/9) Eug (1/16) GP (1/8) HR (1/9) Klam (1/9) LG (1/9) Med (1/16) New (1/16) Pend (1/16) Red (1/16) Rose (1/8) Salem (1/9) Tig (1/14) Vale (1/9)

CLE Publications

2008 Oregon Legislation Highlights
Find out which new laws will affect your practice and clients. The legislature’s 2008 Supplemental Session resulted in the passage of more than 70 bills. The new 2008 Oregon Legislation Highlights publication describes over 40 of those bills enacted in numerous practice areas. Effective dates of each described bill are also provided. For more information call the OSB Service Desk at (503) 431- 6413 or, toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260, ext. 413.


Arbitration and Mediation is a must-have for any lawyer whose cases are subject to arbitration or mediation, whether voluntary or mandatory. Before your next move, learn strategies and innovative approaches for resolving your clients’ issues. This book explains the procedures available to compel — or avoid — arbitration; it discusses the factors to consider in choosing to arbitrate or mediate and in selecting the arbitrator or mediator for your case.

For more information call the OSB Service Desk at (503) 431-6413 or, toll-free in Oregon,
(800) 452-8260, ext. 413


November 6
Secrets of the Great Briefwriters

November 6
Advanced Transactional Drafting

November 7
Planning the Taxable Estate

November 21
Guns, Guantanamo, Road Rage, and Elections:
A 2008 Constitutional Law Update

December 4
The Complete Legal Negotiator

December 5
Promoting the Standards of Professionalism and Civility:
A Bench and Bar Partnership

December 5
The Law Library featuring Blink:
The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

December 15-19
Super CLE Video Week

December 30
Gender Differences in the Courtroom

December 30
Professional Strategies for Dealing
with Unprofessional Conduct

December 31
Last Chance Video

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