Oregon State Bar Bulletin — OCTOBER 2007
CLE Seminars

Informed Consent Under the New Rules: Getting It Right
Friday, Oct. 12, 9 a.m.-noon
3 ethics credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

This seminar answers common questions involving client conflicts under the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct. Explore the regulatory discipline process involving waiver letters, fee forfeiture, various waivers for different conflicts and much more. Our ethics experts will arm you with the vital information needed to steer clear of potential violations.

Ast (12/7) CB (11/30) Eug (12/7) GP (11/29) HR (11/30) Klam (11/30) LG (11/30) LO (12/5) Med (12/7) New (12/7) Pend (12/7) Red (12/7) Rose (11/29) Salem 11/30) Vale (11/30)

Broadbrush Taxation 2007
Friday, Oct. 19, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
7 general CLE credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Specifically designed with the non-tax specialist in mind, this seminar will provide non-tax attorneys the latest information on tax issues that affect a variety of clients and practice areas. Learn what to consider from a tax perspective when selecting a business entity. Discover how taxes affect the buying and selling of a business, as well as LLC operating agreements. Compare and contrast the tax responsibilities for employers and independent contractors. Explore how taxes have different effects on married couples who divorce and couples who dissolve domestic partnerships. The program will also delve into the mechanics of tax collection and what to do when one’s client cannot pay a tax liability. Cosponsored by the Taxation Section.

Ast (12/14) CB (12/7) Eug (12/14) GP (12/6) HR (12/7) Klam (12/7) LG (12/7) LO (12/12) Med (12/14) New (12/14) Pend (12/14) Red (12/14) Rose (12/6) Salem (12/7) Vale (12/7)

Fundamentals of Oregon Civil Trial Procedure
Friday, Oct. 19, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 20, 9 a.m.-noon
8.75 general CLE or practical skills
credits and 1 ethics credit
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Learn from the experiences of some of the state’s most accomplished litigators and members of the judiciary as they teach procedural skills that will help you achieve success both in and out of the courtroom. Whether you are relatively new to litigation or an experienced litigator who desires a refresher course in Oregon civil trial procedure, this comprehensive 1.5 day seminar holds the concepts and keys for establishing a sound litigation foundation. Cosponsored by the Litigation Section.

Ast (1/10-1/11) CB (1/3-1/4) Eug (1/10-1/11) GP (1/2-1/3) HR (1/3-1/4) Klam (1/3-1/4) LG (1/3-1/4) LO (1/8-1/9) Med (1/10-1/11) New (1/10-1/11) Pend (1/10-1/11) Red (1/10-1/11) Rose (1/2-1/3) Salem (1/3-1/4) Vale (1/3-1/4)

Real Estate 2007: Legal Tools for the Future
Friday, Oct. 26, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
6.5 general CLE credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Why does a real estate practice need innovative legal tools? Land transactions are complicated and practitioners need to be prepared. This day-long seminar will examine paying for new growth and repairing infrastructure through reimbursement districts and transfers fees. Privatization models, such as Chapter 63-20 corporations and lease backs, will be discussed, as well as tax incentives. Finish the afternoon by exploring fast-track permitting through Chapter 94 agreements and zoning overlays and taking a look at governance structures. Cosponsored by the Real Estate & Land Use Section.

Ast (1/25) CB (1/18) Eug (1/25) GP (1/17) HR (1/18) Klam (1/18) LG (1/18) LO (1/23) Med (1/25) New (1/25) Pend (1/25) Red (1/25) Rose (1/17) Salem (1/18) Vale (1/18)

Administering the Basic Estate
Friday, Nov. 2, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
6.5 general or practical skills
credits and 1 ethics credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

This companion seminar to the 2006 program Planning the Basic Estate will take you through different aspects of estate administration. Our estate planning and administration experts will guide you through ethical considerations, alternatives to probate and special administrative problems. Learn how to initiate probate and manage claims in probate. Explore tax considerations and accounting and distribution aspects of administering the estate. A judges’ panel will provide a view from the bench from Multnomah, Clackamas and Marion counties. Cosponsored by the Estate Planning and Administration Section.

Ast (2/1) CB (1/25) Eug (2/1) GP (1/24) HR (1/25) Klam (1/25) LG (1/25) LO (1/30) Med (1/2) New (2/1) Pend (2/1) Red (2/1) Rose (1/24) Salem (1/25) Vale (1/25)

Child Abuse Reporting
Thursday, Nov. 8, 9-10 a.m., or 1-2 p.m.
1 child-abuse reporting credit
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

This session will cover mandatory reporting requirements for Oregon attorneys. No video replay.

CLE Publications

2007 Oregon Legislation Highlights
Find out which new laws will affect your practice and clients when you buy 2007 Oregon Legislation Highlights. Describing bills enacted in 23 practice areas and written by 40 authors, the 2007 edition includes a new chapter on construction law and includes discussion of new legislation in practice areas from administrative law to workers’ compensation. Effective dates of each described bill are also provided.

Buy your copy today for $85 by ordering online at www.osbar.org or call the OSB Service Desk at (503) 684-7413 or toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260, ext. 413.

Attendees of the October 11 Legislative Highlights seminar will get a copy on CD-ROM. Printed copies will be available at the seminar for $55.

Check here for additional CLE Publications information

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