Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JANUARY 2007
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Participate in 2006 Pro Bono Roll Call with online reporting
OSB members are encouraged to participate in the 2006 Pro Bono Roll Call, the bar’s voluntary pro bono reporting program, by reporting your pro bono hours at www.osbar.org/probono.

The OSB collects the number of pro bono hours performed annually by Oregon lawyers to evaluate Oregon’s progress in addressing unmet legal needs and to recognize lawyers doing their part to make legal services available to all members of society. By reporting your hours for the Pro Bono Roll Call, you will be entered automatically into the OSB New Lawyers Division Pro Bono Challenge.

The deadline for reporting is Jan. 31.

For more information, contact Debra Maryanov at dmaryanov@osbar.org or (503) 431-6355; or visit the OSB Pro Bono website at www.osbar.org/probono.

Save the date for pro bono fair
The third annual Pro Bono Fair will be held Wednesday, April 4, from 3 to 6:30 p.m., at the Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront. All OSB members are welcome.

Two free CLE programs, a pro bono opportunities information fair and the 2006 Pro Bono Challenge Awards Ceremony comprise the event. The CLE topics are "Effective Representation of Domestic Violence Survivors in Restraining Order Hearings" and "Nonprofit Corporations: Essentials, Hot Topics, and Directors’ Rights and Responsibilities."

The keynote speaker will be Chief Justice Paul De Muniz, Oregon Supreme Court.

For more information, contact Debra Maryanov at dmaryanov@osbar.org or (503) 431-6355.

Law library values now online
The 2007 schedule of suggested values for law libraries is now published online. The useful schedule of suggested book values, used to calculate personal property taxes, is provided by the Oregon Department of Revenue.

It can be found at Bar News Online.

This schedule has been prepared by the property tax division of the Oregon Department of Revenue. Owners of law libraries should declare the schedule values to the assessor.

Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger’s food drive ends with photo finish
By Amber Hollister,
Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger

This year’s Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger fall fundraising drive ended with a bang. On the last day of the food drive, major fundraisers Lane Powell and Bullivant Houser Bailey had raised within $300 of each other by the noon deadline – Lane Powell with $16,000 and Bullivant with $15,700.

Seeing an opportunity to raise even more money for the Oregon Food Bank, Lane Powell decided to put their Silver Barrel fundraising title on the line. Lane Powell’s Team Captain Lorne Dauenhauer challenged Bullivant’s Team Captain Tim Calderbank to beat the Lane Powell total. The terms of the deal were stiff. If Bullivant could beat the Lane Powell total by 20 percent by 5 p.m. (a mere five hours away), Lane Powell agreed to share the fundraising title. But, if Bullivant could beat the Lane Powell total by 25 percent, Lane Powell would entirely relinquish the title. Bullivant rose to the challenge. When 5 p.m. rolled around Bullivant had raised a total of $20,107, surpassing the 25 percent challenge, and taking this year’s Silver Barrel title. OLAH congratulates both firms on their sportsmanship and commitment to ending hunger in Oregon.

This year’s Golden Can Award was awarded to repeat winner Yates, Matthews & Associates for having the highest per capita fundraising total. Yates Matthews’ 12 employees raised almost $250 per employee.

In all, the Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger fundraising drive is on track to raise over $130,000, its highest fundraising total to date. This total is noteworthy because each dollar raised by OLAH enables the Oregon Food Bank to collect and distribute about $6 worth of food and to fund programs that address the root causes of hunger. This means the OLAH drive will enable the Oregon Food Bank to collect and distribute about 780,000 pounds of food.

Next year, Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger’s campaign goal is to surpass the million dollar mark, based on the total of all OLAH fundraising drives combined. For more information about OLAH, contact Kathy Dent at dentk@comcast.net. For information about Oregon Food Bank, visit www.oregonfoodbank.org.

Reciprocity, other applicants listed
The following have applied for admission either via reciprocity, as house counsel or law teacher. The Board of Bar Examiners requests that members examine this list and bring to the board’s attention in a signed letter any information that might influence the board in considering the moral character of any applicant for admission. Send correspondence to Marlyce Gholston, Executive Director, Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners, 5200 S.W. Meadows Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97035.

Reciprocity applicants: JoAnn Butler, Theodore Cropley, Lisa Dodson Gould, LeeAnn Friedman, Beth Sue Ginsberg, Lawrence Gottlieb, Eric Martin, Jillian Ann Pollock, Siovhan Sheridan-Ayala and Karen Smith.

House counsel applicant: Lisa Cronin.

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OSB honors service
and leadership of
Oregon lawyers

OSB President Dennis Rawlinson honored some of the best and brightest of Oregon’s legal community at a dinner this month bestowing the prestigious Oregon State Bar President’s Awards.

The Oregon State Bar Award of Merit: Marion County Presiding Judge Paul Lipscomb took top honors with the OSB Award of Merit, the highest honor bestowed by the OSB. Because he has presided over the court in the state capital since 1995, Judge Lipscomb has handled some of the most complex — and contentious — legal cases in the state. Rawlinson praised Judge Lipscomb’s intellect and steady leadership through the years, and his deft management this year of the sudden loss of the courthouse after fires ravaged the building in November 2005.

The President’s Public Service Award honors attorneys for contributions to the public through recent efforts involving pro bono services, the legislative/public affairs process, law-related education, coordination of public service-law-related events, service with community boards or similar activities that benefit the public. The 2006 recipients are Robert C. Joondeph of Portland, Lisa A. Kaner of Portland, Robert D. Newell of Portland and the Hon. Frank J. Yraguen of Vale.

The President’s Membership Service Award honors attorneys for contributions made to the profession through volunteer work with the OSB or other law-related groups. The 2006 recipients are Jeffrey M. Batchelor of Portland, William B. Crow of Portland, Wesley D. Fitzwater of Clackamas and David W. Hittle of Salem.

The President’s Affirmative Action Award honors attorneys who have made significant contributions to the goal of increasing minority representation in the legal profession. The 2006 recipient is Richard J. Brownstein of Portland.

The Edwin J. Peterson Professionalism Award is given to attorneys who consistently demonstrate integrity, honesty and willing compliance with the letter and spirit of the law, the rules of the court, the highest ethical standards, and with professional standards stated in the bar Statement of Professionalism. The recipient fosters the respect and trust of other lawyers, clients, members of the community and the judicial system. The 2006 recipient is Don H. Marmaduke of Portland.

The President’s Special Award of Appreciation was a unique award given this year to David B. Markowitz for his substantial contribution of time and energies to continuing legal education programs for Oregon lawyers, and to Peter C. Richter for giving back to the profession through trial advocacy training of young lawyers and law students.

Comment sought on
proposed UTCR changes

The Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR) Committee met on Oct. 13 to review 22 proposals to amend the UTCR and to make preliminary recommendations to the chief justice of the Oregon Supreme Court. A description of the proposals and action taken by the committee is posted at: www.ojd.state.or.us/programs/
utcr/utcrrules.htm. This information is also published in Oregon Appellate Courts Advance Sheets No. 1, Jan. 2, 2007.

Proposals of special note include: juror contact (3.120); summary judgment requirements (new 5.130); alternative to the Uniform Support Affidavit (8.010 and 8.050) and mandatory filing of motion for permanent modification of custody (8.050).

The committee encourages all interested parties to submit comments on these proposals. Comments can be posted at the web address mentioned above or sent to the UTCR Reporter at the Office of the State Court Administrator, Supreme Court Building,1163 State St., Salem, OR 97301, or utcr@ojd.state. or.us.

The committee will make final recommendations on these proposals at the next UTCR meeting on March 9, 9 a.m., Office of the State Court Administrator in Salem. Those proposals approved by the chief justice will become effective Aug. 1, 2007.