Oregon State Bar Bulletin — OCTOBER 2006

CLE Seminars

Friday, Oct. 13, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
5.5 general CLE or practical skills credits and 1 ethics credit
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Irving Younger set the standard for excellence in CLE. His seminars electrified and energized an entire generation o f America’s advocates. Steve Easton, the recipient of the Pound Civil Justice Institute 2006 Richard S. Jacobson Award for Excellence in Teaching Trial Advocacy, reintroduces a new generation of advocates to Younger’s landmark work with this practical and practice-driven program. The overriding issue when any witness testifies is his or her credibility. Incorporating video clips from Younger’s masterpiece presentation, Easton takes a fresh look at the philosophy, psychology and physiology of credibility. He analyzes modern tools for preparing a witness to be credible and reflects on the skills that every lawyer must master to expose an adversary’s lack of credibility. This fast-paced multimedia program provides invaluable practical tips that every practicing lawyer can benefit from.

Ast (11/17) CB (11/10) Eug (11/17) GP (11/9) HR (11/10) Klam (11/10) LG (11/10) LO (11/15) Med (11/17) New (11/17) Pend (11/17) Red (11/17) Rose (11/9) Salem (11/10) Vale (11/10)

Tuesday, Oct. 17
2 sessions: 9 a.m.-noon or 1-4 p.m.
3 ethics credits per session
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

Step into the world of Gordon Seegerman, an unambitious but overworked public defender, whose true calling lies with his Barry Manilow tribute band, Barry X and the Mandys. When a fairly routine misdemeanor flasher case threatens to derail the biggest gig of his musical career—performing in front of Barry "The Man" Manilow—Seegerman has to start acting like a lawyer. Throw in an overzealous assistant district attorney who happens to be Seegerman’s former girlfriend, a dead witness and a missing client, and it’s a situation ripe for ethical questions.
Using the plot and characters of Misdemeanor Man, a panel that includes the author, Dylan Schaffer, will discuss legal ethics questions within the context of the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct. Audience participation is encouraged, and advance reading of Misdemeanor Man, which is available at local bookstores and Amazon.com, is strongly recommended. Attendance is limited to 40 registrants per session. Due to the format, same-day registration is not available.

No video replay.

Wednesday, Oct. 18
Choice of two sessions: 9-10 a.m. or 1-2 p.m.
1 child abuse reporting credit
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

ORS 9.114 requires attorneys to complete one hour of training every three years on their duties as mandatory child abuse reporters. All lawyers have a duty to report child abuse when they have reasonable cause to believe that a child with whom they have come into contact has suffered abuse or when they have reasonable cause to believe that any person with whom they have come in contact has abused a child.
Attend this program and satisfy your MCLE requirement under ORS 9.114. Learn what your duty to report is, when the duty applies, what abuse is and how to report it. Other topics include the meaning of "reasonable cause" and "comes in contact," the reporting exceptions for privileged communications and other client information, and the consequences of failing to report.

No video replay.

Friday, Oct. 20, 8:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
6.25 elimination of bias or general CLE credits, plus .5 elimination of bias or general CLE credit for optional lunch presentation
World Forestry Center, Portland

What does the future hold for Oregon’s tribal communities? Today’s hot topics will provide insight for tomorrow’s Indian Law practitioners. The program will start with a federal and state law update, followed by a discussion of tribal courts. Issues pertaining to methamphetamine crime, including potential liability for tribes as landlords, eviction and preventative measures will be examined. Learn about jurisdictional challenges and agreements, cigarette and gas tax agreements, and off-reservation gaming. A special lunch presentation on the 2005 American Indian Probate Reform Act will be given by Prof. Douglas Nash, director of the Indian Estate Planning Institute at the Seattle University School of Law.

Ast (12/8) CB (12/1) Eug (12/8) GP (11/30) HR (12/1) Klam (12/1) LG (12/1) LO (12/6) Med (12/8) New (12/8) Pend (12/8) Red (12/8) Rose (11/30) Salem (12/1) Vale (12/1)

Friday, Oct. 27, 8:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
6.5 general CLE or practical skills credits
Oregon Convention Center, Portland

Whether you are new to a real estate and land use practice or just need to brush up on some basics, this seminar covers it all—real estate due diligence, residential and commercial issues, community associations in Oregon, land use applications, compliance, hearings and appeals. Participants will receive due diligence checklists and sample documents, drafting tips for residential leases and an understanding of the eviction process. Gain an understanding of use clauses, assignments and transfers for small commercial and office tenants. Learn how condominium projects and planned unit developments are created and how the Nonprofit Corporation Act applies to community associations. Oregon’s planning landscape will be examined, including preparations for submitting a land use application and compliance with deadlines and timelines. Find out the best way to prepare for your presentation, as well as the details necessary for making a record for an appeal.

Ast (12/22) CB (12/15) Eug (12/22) GP (12/14) HR (12/15) Klam (12/15) LG (12/15) LO (12/20) Med (12/22) New (12/22) Pend (12/22) Red (12/22) Rose (12/14) Salem (12/15) Vale (12/15)

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CLE Publications

The Ethical Oregon Lawyer, 2006 Revision

No matter what your practice area, you need to follow the disciplinary rules—for yourself and for your client. For those engaged in multijurisdictional practice, each chapter highlights the major differences between Oregon’s Rules of Professional Responsibility (former DRs) and the Professional Codes of Washington, Utah and Idaho.

Whether you practice in Oregon, or in Washington, Utah, and Idaho, too, The Ethical Oregon Lawyer should be your first source to answer your ethics questions.

For more information, call the OSB Service Desk at (503) 684-7413, or toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260, ext. 413, or check out our online bookstore.

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Coming Up

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Dec. 6 One Size Does Not Fit All: Bias in the Legal Profession
Dec. 7 One Size Does Not Fit All: Bias in the Legal Profession
Dec. 11-16 Super CLE Video Week
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