Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JULY 2006


Rampant Hypocrisy
Ya just gotta love former Supreme Court Justice Ed Peterson’s lament from the May issue entitled "We’re Not There Yet." (Letters, May 2006.) I mean, how can you not?

Here we have one of the seismic instigators of the "diversity" tsunami that, if nothing else (and I wonder about that "if"), certainly generated beaucoup CLE fees for the bar in recent years. And, naturally, the first (if not the only) thing he notices about a graphic would, of course, be a character’s race. How perfect.

While to most (if not all) readers the comic circumstance epitomizes the rampant hypocrisy so prevalent in liberal agendas, for all of the 12,000-plus bar members it certainly confirms with stark reality that lawyers will instinctively be themselves — regardless of how many hours of politically-motivated nonsense they must log every three years.

Barry Adamson
Lake Oswego

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