Oregon State Bar Bulletin — NOVEMBER 2005

CLE Seminars

Constitutional Law 2005: Tushnet and Choper on the Rehnquist Court
Friday, Nov. 4, 2005,
9 a.m.-4:45 p.m.
Embassy Suites Downtown Portland Hotel
6 general CLE credits

Major changes are facing the Supreme Court. Join Prof. Jesse Choper and Prof. Mark Tushnet, two nationally recognized constitutional law experts, for a review of the legacy of the Rehnquist Court and a look at recent Supreme Court cases. The future of federalism will be examined in the context of the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, and local experts will look at recent developments in Oregon constitutional law, including how the Oregon constitution works and limitations on amending the constitution. A special lunch presentation will feature four former U.S. Supreme Court clerks and their experiences clerking for the high court. Cosponsored by the Constitutional Law Section

Ast (2/10/06) CB (2/3/06) Eug (2/10/06) GP (2/2/06) HR (2/3/06) Klam (2/3/06) LG (2/3/06) LO (2/8/06) Med (2/10/06) New (2/10/06) Pend (2/10/06) Red (2/10/06) Rose (2/2/06) Salem (2/3/06) Vale (2/3/06)

Administering Trusts in Oregon
Friday, Nov. 4, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center, Portland
5.75 general CLE credits and 1.5 ethics credit

The adoption of the Uniform Trust Code (UTC) is a significant change for Oregon estate planning practitioners. Our knowledgeable faculty will provide a comprehensive overview of the UTC and discuss the impact of the new statutory scheme on your practice. Receive practice tips and techniques for modifying and terminating irrevocable trusts. Learn about the recent changes in the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct, and the impact the new rules will have on representing your clients. Expert instructors and timely information make this program a valuable tool for the estate planning practitioner. Cosponsored by the Estate Planning & Administration Section

Ast (2/17/06) CB (2/10/06) Eug (2/17/06) GP (2/9/06) HR (2/10/06) Klam (2/10/06) LG (2/10/06) LO (2/15/06) Med (2/17/06) New (2/17/06) Pend (2/17/06) Red (2/17/06) Rose (2/9/06) Salem (2/10/06) Vale (2/10/06)

Gain the Edge! Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers and Business Professionals, with Marty Latz
Thursday, Dec. 1, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center, Portland
3.5 general CLE credits

You negotiate every day. In fact, your ability to effectively negotiate may be the most critical skill you possess. Yet most people negotiate instinctively or intuitively. This seminar will help you approach negotiations with a strategic mindset. And make no mistake—no matter how much you’ve negotiated, you can still learn. Adding that one new tactic may be the difference between winning and walking away empty-handed.

Ast (2/24/06) CB (2/17/06) Eug (2/24/06) GP (2/16/06) HR (2/17/06) Klam (2/17/06) LG (2/17/06) LO (2/22/06) Med (2/24/06) New (2/24/06) Pend (2/24/06) Red (2/24/06) Rose (2/16/06) Salem (2/17/06) Vale (2/17/06)

Negotiation Ethics: Winning Without Selling Your Soul, with Marty Latz
Thursday, Dec. 1, 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center, Portland
3 ethics credits

In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In negotiation, it’s reputation, reputation, reputation. A trustworthy reputation — once lost — can be difficult, if not impossible, to regain. In this seminar, Martin E. Latz plays Devil’s Advocate in presenting a series of ethically challenging negotiation scenarios to a blue ribbon panel of Oregon practitioners. Watch the sparks fly as they: discuss effective — and ethical — negotiation strategies; evaluate where to draw the line between lying and puffery; and share their secrets of successful negotiation.

Ast (2/24/06) CB (2/17/06) Eug (2/24/06) GP (2/16/06) HR (2/17/06) Klam (2/17/06) LG (2/17/06) LO (2/22/06) Med (2/24/06) New (2/24/06) Pend (2/24/06) Red (2/24/06) Rose (2/16/06) Salem (2/17/06) Vale (2/17/06)

One Size Does Not Fit All: Bias in the Legal Profession
Thursday, Dec. 8,
9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego
3.5 elimination of bias credits

This seminar will discuss definitions of bias, including race, gender, economic status, religion and sexual orientation, as well as provide examples of bias in the legal profession. Discover how you and others are impacted by biases and learn strategies to support the elimination of bias individually and organizationally.

Ast (3/3/06) CB (2/24/06) Eug (3/3/06) GP (2/23/06) HR (2/24/06) Klam (2/24/06) LG (2/24/06) LO (3/1/06) Med (3/3/06) New (3/3/06) Pend (3/3/06) Red (3/3/06) Rose (2/23/06) Salem (2/24/06) Vale (2/24/06)

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CLE Publications

Consumer Law in Oregon — 2005 Cumulative supplement
Consumer Law in Oregon offers answers to a variety of questions your clients will ask, right at your fingertips. Learn what recourse your clients have for dishonest salespersons, unethical bill collectors, unreasonable finance charges, shoddy merchandise, identity theft and credit card fraud, buyer’s remorse, inaccurate credit reports, discriminatory credit practices and unfixable cars.

Buy your copy today for $115 (cumulative supplement only with forms on disk and extra binder), or $225 (book with cumulative supplement, binders and forms on disk). Order online at www.osbar.org. Or call the OSB Service Desk at (503) 684-7413 or, toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260, ext. 413.

Foreclosing Security Interests (2005 Cumalitive Supplement)
Although emphasizing the foreclosure of interests in real property, Foreclosing Security Interests also discusses the foreclosure of security interests in personal property as well as self-help remedies under the UCC. Be ready to answer your client’s questions regarding mortgage foreclosure, trust deeds, land sale contracts, federal liens, construction liens, judicial foreclosure of security interests in personal property, and more.

Buy your copy today for $95 (cumulative supplement only with forms on disk), or $175 (book with cumulative supplement and forms on disk).

Note: Order either of these books by November 30 and save 10 percent with new Early Bird pricing. Order online at www.osbar.org or call the OSB Service Desk at (503) 684-7413, or toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260, ext. 413.

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