Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JULY 2005

CLE Seminars

Torticulture: The Art and Science of Animal-Related Litigation
Wednesday, July 13, 1:30-4:30 p.m.
3 general CLE credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

According to one estimate, there are approximately 142.6 million dogs and cats owned in the United States. Learn about new and old tort liability regarding animal injuries, deaths, bites, escape, capture and control for animal owners and service providers. Examine claims for liability when an animal is injured, killed or removed and the owner seeks recovery from either a professional or non-professional defendant. Also covered: claims against animal owners by parties who are injured or killed by an animal. No video replay.

Handling Residential landlord Tenant Issues in Oregon
Wednesday, July 20, 9 a.m.-noon
3 general CLE credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

Whether a residential property has one or 100 tenants, the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants are important to creating a good relationship. Discover the 10 often-neglected things every landlord and tenant should do but usually don’t. Examine forcible entry and detainer (FED) procedures and review the eviction process. Sample forms will be included with the course materials. No video replay.

Criminal Law 911: Triage for Non-Criminal Law Lawyers
Wednesday, July 20, 1-4:15 p.m.
3.25 general CLE credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

What should you do when you get a call from a client or family member who has been arrested and all you can remember is Miranda? Proper handling of a criminal matter is vital. Learn the ins and outs of referring a criminal matter to another attorney and where you can obtain assistance for either your client or yourself, should you decide to take on the case. Bail, arraignment and pleas will be explained, and a panel of criminal law experts will use hypotheticals to provide advice on how a non-criminal law practitioner should handle the situations. No video replay.

The Law Library, featuring After Dark by Phillip Margolin
Wednesday, August 10
Morning session: 9 a.m.-noon
Afternoon session: 1-4 p.m.
Credits pending
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

Once again, join New York Times best-selling author and Oregon criminal law attorney Phillip Margolin and other panelists to discuss the legal and ethical issues raised by the characters in this legal mystery. After Dark involves the murder of an Oregon Supreme Court justice, a celebrated prosecutor as the murder suspect and a former judicial clerk who is drawn into a web of betrayal and revenge. Those registering for this CLE seminar should be familiar with After Dark, which is available at libraries and local bookstores. No video replay.

The Secrets of Persuasion with Todd Winegar
Thursday, August 4,
9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
5.5 general CLE credits and 1 ethics credit
DoubleTree Hotel Lloyd Center, Portland

Advertisers and politicians spend millions studying why and how decisions are made. These studies raise persuasion from a dark art to an enlightened science. What exactly are the secrets of powerful influence? Why do some attorneys seem to win every case they have? Is it the lawyers or their tactics of persuasion? This innovative seminar will show you some of the world’s most famous ads, landmark presidential debates and film clips to show you how to get what you want. These real-world examples are dissected and applied to trials, negotiations, medications, winning clients and more. Leave smarter and savvier; know how to better influence people, get more clients and win more cases by using the secrets of powerful persuasion.

Ast (8/26) CB (8/19) Eug (8/26) GP (8/18) HR (8/19) Klam (8/19) LG (8/19) LO (9/17) Med (8/26) New (8/26) Pend (8/26) Red (8/26) Rose (8/18) Salem (8/19) Vale (8/19)

Asset Protection — Will It Work?
Wednesday, Aug. 3, 9 a.m. -12 p.m.
3 general CLE credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

Learn how asset protection can be part of a lawyer's toolbox, how asset protection varies in different states and what kinds of asset protection might attract discipline notice. Examine a lawyer's duty to counsel clients about asset protection and a lawyer's potential liability to a plaintiff who is injured by asset protection.

No video replay.

Fundamentals of Business Valuation for Lawyers
Wednesday, Aug. 3, 1-5 p.m.
4 general CLE credits
Oregon State Bar Center, Lake Oswego

Business valuation touches a variety of practice areas, including family law and estate planning. Learn the definition of value, expert witness credibility, commonly used terms, accepted valuation methods and empirical evidence. Whether you are acquiring business valuation concepts for the first time or updating existing knowledge, this program will provide a sound basis for achieving that goal.

No video replay.

Summer Video Week

This annual event runs Monday through Friday, August 15-19, 2005. Choose from a range of seminars and credit hours, offered at the Oregon State Bar Center in Lake Oswego. Watch your mail for the brochure and registration form. Go to www.osbar.org for details as they become available.

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CLE Publications

Criminal Law, 2005 Revision

Reflecting the changes in criminal law and practice that have occurred over the six years since the publication was last updated, Criminal Law has expanded to three volumes of case law, statutory law (current through the 2003 Oregon legislative session), rules and practice tips. In addition to serving as the chief reference guide on criminal law for Oregon judges, defense lawyers and prosecutors,

The price of the 2005 revision with three binders is $265. The price of the revision with one binder (for those who have two binders from the previous edition), or on CD ROM, is $245. Order the book online at www.osbar.org. Or you can call the OSB Service Desk at (503) 684-7413 or, toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260, ext. 413.

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Coming Up

Sept 15 Employment Law

Sept. 15 Right to Die Legal Issues

Sept 16 Advanced Legal Writing and Editing, with Bryan Garner

Sept. 22 Broad Brush Taxation

Sept 23 Government Law (morning seminar)

Sept 23 Corporate Counsel (afternoon seminar)

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