Oregon State Bar Bulletin – JANUARY 2005


Madame Precedent
OSB’s new president outlines clear set of objectives
By Melody Finnemore

The Supreme Court on Dope
By Jeff Bleich & Michelle Friedland

Alice in Law School Land
A story of love and law
By Ronald B. Lansing

Profiles in the Law
Andrejs “Andy” Eglitis: The Road to Prineville
By Janine Robben



Letters to the Editor


OSB Continuing Legal Education

Bar Counsel
Divided Rule:
IOLTA and safeguarding property rule changes
By Sylvia E. Stevens

Managing Your Practice
Officemates or Partners?:
Sharing space also can mean sharing risk
By Emily J. Eichenhorn

Legal Practice Tips
Content Counts:
The cornerstone of every presentation
By David J. Dempsey


Bar News

Among Ourselves


In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
Will Measure 36 End Marriage in Oregon?
By Merle Wiener

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At 38, Nena Cook is already setting precedents as the bar’s youngest president and as just the third woman to ever serve in the position. Melody Finnemore profiles the new OSB president.